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Kandake Amanirenas : regina Nubiae

Vanderpool, Emma, - 2020, - [publisher not identified], [United States] (2020.)

10/20/2022 Note: "Augustus has risen to power and, having conquered Egypt, may soon be at the door of Queen Amanirenas, queen of Nubia. Rather than wait for her country to be invaded, she chooses instead to attack, when the Roman praefectus is away. This is the story of Amanirenas, who was skilled not only as queen but as a warrior, and who helped to preserve her country from the threat of the Romans. This Latin novella with sheltered vocabulary and unsheltered grammar is best suited for intermediate-mid and above readers. While helping to provide another perspective on the rule of Augustus, it also introduces Caesarian idioms, and as such may be of particular interest to students preparing for the Advanced Placement (AP) Latin Exam."--Back cover Suggested for: ARCE Library Status: Requested

Treasures of Egypt : a legacy in photographs from the pyramids to Cleopatra

Hiebert, Fredrik T.", - 2022, - National Geographic, Washington (2022)

11/09/2022 Note: suggest by Nourane selim. nouraneselim@aucegypt.edu Suggested for: ARCE Library Status: Requested

Animal husbandry in Ancient Egypt during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

Jones, Paul Leonard, , - 2021, - Abercromby Press (Wallasey )

11/15/2022 Note: Asked by Dr. Ibrahim A. Aal, Tanta University. Suggested for: ARCE Library Status: Requested

The shaft tombs of Wadi Bairiya

Litherland, Piers, - 2018, - New Kingdom Research Foundation ([London], 2018)

02/12/2023 Note: BY: Bianca ARCE Suggested for: ARCE Library Status: Requested

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