ARCE Library Reopening

We are pleased to announce that the ARCE Library is now open. Booking is required in order to visit the Library. Members will not be permitted inside the building without having a pre-booked slot. Please see below our guidelines:

- The day will be divided into 2 slots: 9:00am – 12:00pm and 12:30-3:30pm (12:00-12:30pm will be reserved for cleaning and reorganization). Members may book a slot by sending an email to:

- Library users must provide proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus in order to be admitted into the library.

- Only 2 users can use the Library at a time.

- Users must maintain a 2m distance.

- Users must bring their own masks, otherwise they will not be admitted.

- Temperature of all users will be checked before they enter the Library.

- Hygiene is essential. Users must use the hand sanitiser on entry and wash their hands regularly if they are staying in the Library.

- Users may not use library computers. They must either bring their own devices or ask a librarian to search the online catalogue for them (we advise users to check the online catalogue prior to their visit, to save time)

- Users may not use the card catalogue.

- Users must not touch books on shelves. They should ask a librarian to get the books from the shelves for them.

- Used books must be left on the table and should NOT be reshelved by the users. They will be quarantined for 48 hours before they can be reshelved by ARCE librarians.

- Library toilets will be cleaned hourly.

Photocopying and Scanning Services

- Members may request photocopies or scans of articles and one chapter per book/up to 10% of a book. Scans will be emailed to the requester after payment is made. Users must send an email to to schedule payment and photocopy pickup time.

- Please do not enter the building if you have any coronavirus symptoms.

Please help us keep the library safe and reduce the risk of disease transmission by following the guidelines we have put in place and by taking reasonable precautions as you use the Library.

Please use the following link to reserve your slot reserving