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Published 2018
Nuzhat al-zāhid : Adʿiya-yi maʾthūr az imāmān-i maʿṣūm (ʿalayhim al-salām) bā tawḍīḥāt-i fārsi-yi sada-yi shishum /

: Together with Shaykh Ṭūsī's (d. 460/1067) Miṣbāḥ al-mutahajjid and ʿAlī al-Tamīmī's (early 6th/12th cent.) Dhakhīrat al-ākhira , the anonymous Nuzhat al-zāhid (ca. 600/1200) is among the oldest surviving testimonies of Duʿāʾ literature among the Shīʿa. As such, it can be regarded as a connecting link between Ṭūsī and the later tradition of Shīʿī Duʿāʾ literature, after Ibn Ṭāwūs (d. 664/1266). The Nuzhat al-zāhid is important because besides Ṭūsī's Miṣbāḥ it also uses other older sources, which often allows the author to provide much more detail than him, adding new material as well. In this sense, the Nuzhat al-zāhid can truly be regarded as a major reference in its field. It is a complete work, covering all the aspects of petitionary prayer in the life of the believer. Written in the sweet kind of language of its times, its explanations constitute a fine example of medieval Persian spiritual prose.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004395305

Published 2019
Tarjuma-yi Anājīl-i arbaʿa /

: Mīr Muḥammad Bāqir Khātūnābādī (d. 1127/1715) was a Shīʿī scholar who entertained close relations with the Safavi ruler Shāh Sulṭān Ḥusayn (d. 1139/1726-27) in Isfahan. In the late 17th century, Isfahan was the center of international commerce and diplomacy in Persia. Besides serving the commercial interests of their homeland, some of the foreign representations also had missionaries in their ranks, with the obvious purpose of propagating Christianity among the local population. To this end, they also distributed Arabic copies of the Gospels. In those days, Isfahan was the scene of Christian-Muslim dialogue and polemics. The Persian translation of the Gospels published in this volume was made by Khātūnābādī on the order of Shāh Sulṭān Ḥusayn. It was meant to provide Muslim scholars with the necessary background for their debates. It is a critical, documented, almost scholarly translation, with all the weak points of the Gospels recorded in its margins.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004401754