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Papyrus Reisner III : the records of a building project in the early twelfth dynasty /

: Introductory matter in English ; each of the Egyptian hieratic text facsims. is accompanied by a hieroglyphic transcription on the opposite page.
This papyrus, the 3d of 4 rolls now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, was found in tomb N408 at Nagʻ ed Deir during excavations directed by George A. Reisner on behalf of the Hearst Egyptian Expedition of the University of California in 1904. : 45 pages : illustrations, 21 Facsimiles (part folded) ; 41 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Papyrus Reisner I : the records of a building project in the reign of Sesostris I. /

: Thirty-one of the plates constitute the facsimile ed. of the papyrus, with plates of transcription interspersed.
The papyrus was found by George Andrew Reisner and is now in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston.
"Translation" : pages 111-133. : 142 pages : 55 plates ; 41 cm. : Bibliography : pages 11-13.