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Published 2001
Northern Pontic Antiquities in the State Hermitage Museum /

: This volume, written by staff of the State Hermitage, one of the world's finest museums, publishes Graeco-Roman antiquities kept there. Much of the material has been unearthed during the museum's field projects in Berezan, Myrmekion and Nymphaeum. Many items are published here for the first time. In addition, there are new studies and reinterpretations of well-known material. The book also contains reviews and notes on new publications on the Black Sea from Eastern and Western Europe and North America. The volume provides a good account of the manifold activities in which the staff of the Department of the History and Culture of the Ancient World, and of the Hermitage in general, are engaged. The book is very richly illustrated, with nearly 150 photographs, line drawings, maps etc.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004494572

Published 2001
North Pontic Archaeology : Recent Discoveries and Studies /

: This volume deals with the classical archaeology of the northern Black Sea littoral, discussing excavations and studies conducted by Russian, Ukrainian, German, Czech and British archaeologists and classicists over the last 10-12 years. It presents the results of excavations of such sites as Berezan, Nikonion, the chora of Olbia, the chora of Chersonesus, rural settlements of the European Bosporus, sites on the Taman Peninsula, etc. Several articles discuss the Scythians and other local peoples, as well as particular objects. This 6th volume of Colloquia Pontica publishes much previously unknown material, and gives a clear picture of the achievements of scholarship in the study of the North Pontic Region. Included are book reviews and an eloborate listing of new publications. The book is very richly illustrated.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004497238