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Published 2009
The land of Israel in Bible, history, and theology : studies in honour of Ed Noort /

: This book deals with many aspects of the land of Israel. In the first part, the emphasis is on descriptions of the land in Joshua and other books of the Hebrew anf Greek Bible. In the second part, the focus shifts to the land in history and theology: reception-history of biblical texts dealing with the land, archaeology of Palestine, and theological-hermeneutical implications of taking the land traditions of the Bible seriously. The result is a rich collection of articles on one of the main themes of the Old Testament; a theme that has a fascinating, although not always unproblematic reception history.
: 1 online resource. : "A bibliography of Ed Noort": pages [431]-440.
Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789047428602 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2016
Rezeption und Wirkung des Dekalogs in jüdischen und christlichen Schriften bis 200 n.Chr. /

: J. Cornelis de Vos examines the impact and reception of the Decalogue up to 200 CE, scrutinizing the versions of the Decalogue, and the history of the Decalogue in ancient Jewish writings, the New Testament, and early Christian writings. Almost all texts show an interconnection of identity and normativity: the Decalogue functions as an expression of fundamental moral concepts of socio-religious groups. At the same time, these groups enhance the Decalogue with normativity-sometimes even expanding on it-to make it a text that generates their own identity. This is the first study that presents an in-depth and continuous analysis of the early history of the Decalogue. Der Wirkung und Rezeption des Dekalogs bis 200 n.Chr. widmet sich J. Cornelis de Vos in dieser Studie. Dafür erforscht er zunächst die alten Textzeugen der beiden Dekalogfassungen, um anschließend zu fragen, wie die Zehn Gebote bei antik-jüdischen Autoren, im Neuen Testament sowie in frühchristlichen Schriften aufgenommen wurden. Es zeigt sich eine Verbindung von Normativität und Identität: Der Dekalog gilt zumeist als Ausdruck der moralischen Grundauffassungen sozioreligiöser Gruppen; er wird gleichzeitig von diesen Gruppen mit Normativität aufgeladen - manchmal sogar erweitert - gerade um als Identität stiftend für die eigene Gruppe zu gelten. Dies ist die erste Studie, die eine detaillierte und durchgehende Geschichte des Dekalogs in der Antike beschreibt.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004324398 : 1871-6636 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2003
Das Los Judas : über Entstehung und Ziele der Landbeschreibung in Josua 15 /

: In this book the origin and objects of the land description in Joshua 15 and its context are examined. Town lists and border descriptions are literarily, historiographically and theologically classified against the background of their relationships to Tetrateuch/Pentateuch/Hexateuch and the Deuteronomistic History. The first part deals with the text, context, and literary relationships of Joshua 15. The second part is devoted to the historical-geographical analysis of the area defined by the town list and border description of Joshua 15. In the third part the respective origins and objects of the successive phases in the history of the text are examined. All those who are dealing with Joshua 13-21 and the historiographical and theological meaning of land descriptions should read this thorough and encompassing study
: Revision of the author's thesis--Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2002. : 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004276222 : 0083-5889 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.