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Published 2013
Paul and Pseudepigraphy.

: In Paul and Pseudepigraphy , an international group of scholars engage open questions in the study of the Apostle Paul and those documents often deemed pseudepigraphal. This volume addresses many traditional questions, including those of method and the authenticity of several canonical Pauline letters, but they also reflect a desire to think in new ways about persistent questions surrounding pseudepigraphy. The focus on pseudepigraphy in relationship to Paul affords a unique opportunity to address this innovative inclination, not readily available in studies of New Testament pseudepigraphy in general. Regarding these concerns, new approaches are introduced, traditional evidence is reassessed, and some new suggestions are offered. In addition to Pauline letters, treatments of related non-canonical Pauline pseudepigraphs are included in discussion.
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Published 2013
Creation language in Romans 8 : a study in Monosemy /

: Modern scholarship tends to understand Paul's use of creation language (κτίσις) in Rom 8.18-23 as part of a commentary on the state of sub-human creation. This misguided position warrants an inquiry into the state of lexical study in New Testament scholarship. As a result, Fewster articulates a theory of lexical monosemy, cast in the framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The model is applied to Paul's use of κτίσις through a robust corpus analysis and investigation into the word's role within the paragraph. κτίσις contributes to the cohesive structure of Rom 8.18-23 and-contra the majority of interpreters-functions as a metaphor for the human body.
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Published 2016
Modeling Biblical Language : selected papers from the McMaster Divinity College Linguistics Circle /

: Modeling Biblical Language presents articles with some of the latest scholarship applying linguistic theory to the study of the Christian Bible. The contributors are all associated with the McMaster Divinity College Linguistic Circle, a collegial forum for presenting working papers in modern linguistics (especially Systemic Functional Linguistics) and biblical studies. The papers address a range of topics in linguistic theory and the Hebrew and Greek languages. Topics include linguistic model building, temporality and verbal aspect, Greek lexical semantics and Hebrew-Greek translation, appraisal and evaluation theory, metaphor theory, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, and Greek clausal structure. These various areas of linguistic exploration contribute generally to the interpretation and analysis of the Old and New Testaments, as well as to linguistic theory proper.
: Includes index. : 1 online resource. : 9789004309364 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.