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La zone miniere pharaonique du Sud-Sinai. III : Les expeditions egyptiennes dans la zone miniere du Sud-Sinai du predynastique a la fin de la XXe dynastie /

: Table des matieres en ligne Resume en francais et en anglais en 4eme de couv MIFAO = Memoires publies par les membres de l'Institut francais d'archeologie du Caire. IF = Publications de l'Institut francais d'archeologie orientale. : vi,393 pages : illustrations ; 33 cm. : 9782724707137

La Cuisine des pharaons /

: Translation of : Historia de la cocina faraónica. : 123 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm. : 2742745203

Published 2013
12 reines d'Égypte qui ont changé l'histoire /

: 282 pages : illustrations (some color), map ; 20 cm. : Includes bibliographical references : 9782756406770

Published 2012
The Red Sea in pharaonic times : recent discoveries along the Red Sea coast; proceedings of the colloquium held in Cairo / Ayn Soukhna 11th-12th January 2009 /

: "The aim of this conference, which was held in Cairo and Ayn Soukhna in January 2009, was to bring together most of the specialists studying the Red Sea shore area and its relations with the Nile Valley. The proceedings give an overview of the most recent research on this strategic zone during the pharaonic period" -- back cover. : ix, 187 pages : Illustrations, maps ; 28 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 175-187). : 9782724705980 : Nabil

La zone minière pharaonique du Sud-Sinaï.

: Intended to follow and complement the material covered in The inscriptions of Sinai by A. H. Gardiner, T. E. Peet, and J. Černy, published 1952-1955 (2 volumes). : 2 volumes (xix, 346 pages ; 176 pages) : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps, plans (some color) ; 33 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (volume 1, pages ix-xix) and index. : 9782724706291 : 0257-411X ; : Nabil

Published 2015
Sésostris III et la fin de la XIIe dynastie /

: OCLC 906299830 : 334 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm. : Bibliography : pages 319-332. : 2756416924

Published 2019
L'Egypte pharaonique : histoire, société, culture /

: 475 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : 9782200617530

Published 2020
Ayn Soukhna IV : le matériel des galeries-magasins /

: This volume gathers several studies concerning the most characteristic material discovered in the system of storage caves of the site of Ayn Soukhna (following the archeological report published in 2016 in a previous book). We present successively all the inscriptions which were found during the excavation of this sector, by adding complements to those which, because of their historical importance, have already been at least partially published, and by studying all the inscribed objects of various periods brought to light. A specific study was also devoted to the exceptional batch of Old Kingdom flint knives collected in the entrance to the G1 gallery. The analysis of nearly one hundred utilitary stone objects is then proposed here, with the determination of the precise use of all this material. A chapter is also devoted to dry pulleys and tenons discovered near the galleries, which could be rigging elements of the boats that were used on the site. Finally, one study devoted to faunal remains which give an insight into food consumption by pharaonic teams during expeditions. And one devoted to hundreds of fragments of crucibles found in this area, which correspond to a metallurgical activity dated to the early Middle Kingdom. : viii, 447 pages : illustrations (some color), plans ; 33 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9782724707540

Published 2017
Les papyrus de la mer Rouge.

: The Ouadi el-Jarf site, excavated since 2011, is a port on the Red Sea that was used at the beginning of the 4th Dynasty to go by sea to the turquoise and copper mines of the southwestern peninsula of Sinai. In the 2013 campaign, a large batch of papyrus dating from the end of the reign of Cheops was unearthed at the entrance of one of the shop-galleries which are one of the characteristic traits of the site, to this day the most ancient hieratic papyrus ever discovered. They constitute the archives of a team of sailors and are subdivided into two main categories: accounts recording deliveries of different products, and logbooks covering several months of activity of this team. The latter describe missions carried out under the supervision of Inspector Merer and mainly concern the transport by river water of limestone blocks from the quarries of Toura to the construction site of the great pyramid of Cheops, on the other bank of the Nile. This book is the publication of the two best preserved logbooks of this lot.
: Pages 164-176 in Arabic read right to left at the end of the book. : 176 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 33 cm. + 4 folded charts. : Includes bibliographical references (pages [141]-147) and indexes. : 9782724707069
2724707060 : 0257-411X ;

La zone miniere pharaonique du Sud-Sinai. II : es inscriptions pré- et protodynastiques du Ouadi 'Ameyra (CCIS nos 273-335) /

: Table des matieres en ligne Resume en francais et en anglais en 4eme de couv MIFAO = Memoires publies par les membres de l'Institut francais d'archeologie du Caire. IF = Publications de l'Institut francais d'archeologie orientale. : x,168 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps, plans; 33 cm. : 9782724706727

Published 2021
Les archives administratives de l'Ancien Empire /

: This collective volume presents the proceedings of an international symposium co-organized by Sorbonne university and Geneva university in Paris between February 12th and 15th 2015. The aim of the such a meeting was to establish a "state of the art" of the papyrological documentation known to us for this specific period of pharaonic history (letters, accounting documents, inventories, working teams' logbooks, personnel registers). By bringing together most specialists of this type of historic sources, it has enabled a complete presentation of the main series of documents from the Memphite area (papyri of Abusir and Sakkara), from Upper or Middle Egypt (Meir, Sharuna, Gebelein, Elephantine), or even from more remote places like the wadi el-Jarf harbour on the Red sea shores or Balat-Ayn Asil archives in the Dakhla oasis. Each contributor gives an overview of the available documentation and the most recent studies related to it. Numerous examples, some of them hitherto unpublished, are illustrated in this volume so as to better understand the way those lots are organized and to fully apprehend how the administration of this period was managed at the provincial as well as central level.
: Papers from a symposium that took place in Paris in 2015. : xvi, 357 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9789042944527