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Published 2012
Hospitality - a paradigm of interreligious and intercultural encounter = Gastfreundschaft als Paradigma interreligiöser und interkultureller Begegnung /

: The global community is currently being confronted with an increasing urgent demand for dialogue among cultures and religions. The question arises with regards to efficient concepts or tools which will help to shape the encounter of the different religions and cultures of the world with one another. Indicative here is the cognition that hospitality has to do with a factor which is proven in almost all religions and cultures of the world. Hospitality is primarily an existential encounter and as such it brings also the experience of difference in socio-religious traditions and in intercultural relations. Gegenwärtig wird in der Weltöffentlichkeit mit zunehmender Dringlichkeit die Forderung nach einem Dialog der Kulturen und der Religionen erhoben. Vor diesem Hintergrund stellt sich die Frage nach tragfähigen Konzepten, welche die Begegnung der Religionen und Kulturen der Welt gestalten helfen. Wegweisend hierfür ist die Erkenntnis, dass es sich bei der Gastfreundschaft um eine Gegebenheit handelt, welche in nahezu allen Religionen und Kulturen der Welt belegt ist. Gastfreundschaft ist zuallererst existentielle Begegnung und bringt als solche auch die Erfahrung der Differenz in die sozio-religiösen Traditionen und in die interkulturellen Beziehungen.
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Published 2007
Inculturation as dialogue : Igbo culture and the message of Christ /

: Although Africa is today often seen, because of its large number of Christians, as the future hope of the Church, a closer examination of African Christianity, however, shows that the Christian faith has not taken deep root in Africa. Many Africans today declare themselves to be Christians but still remain followers of their traditional African religions, especially in matters concerning the inner dimensions of their lives. It is evident that, in strictly personal matters relating to such issues as passage rites and crises, most Africans turn to their African traditional religions. As an incarnational faith, part of the history of Christianity has been its encounter with other cultures and its becoming deeply rooted in some of these cultures. The central question remains: Why has the Christian faith not taken deep root in Africa? This volume is concerned with answering this question.
: 1 online resource (xvi, 227 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 221-227). : 9789401204606 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.