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Published 2012
Patristic and text-critical studies : the collected essays of William L. Petersen /

: William L. ("Bill") Petersen (1950-2006) was a prominent Diatessaron scholar and New Testament textual critic. This collection brings together thirty-two of his essays, enabling an overview of his impressive and wide-ranging scholarship on Romanos the Melodist, Tatian and his Diatessaron, Patristic studies, and New Testament textual criticism. It will be of value for all those interested in the state and method of these fields of study, on which it offers engaging and sometimes provocative perspectives.
: 1 online resource (xvi, 619 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004196131 : 0077-8842 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2013
The figure of Solomon in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition : king, sage, and architect /

: Solomon is one of the more complex and fascinating characters in the history of Israel. As a king he is second only to David. As the king who gave Israel its temple he is unsurpassed. As the prototype of the sage his name lives on in numerous biblical and non-biblical writings. As the magician of later tradition he has established himself as a model for many other aspirants in this field. This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference on Solomon that was held at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Leuven, September 30 - October 2, 2009 and discussed various aspects of this multifaced character as he appears in Jewish, early Christian, and Islamic tradition.
: Proceedings of a conference held Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2009 at the University of Leuven. : 1 online resource (vi, 274 pages) : illustrations (some color) : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004242913 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2013
Early Christian ethics in interaction with Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts /

: Early Christian Ethics in Interaction with Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts focuses upon the nexus of early Christian Ethics and its contexts as a dynamic process. The ongoing interaction with Jewish, Greco-Roman or early Christian traditions as well as with the social-historical context at large continuously transformed early Christian ethics. The volume proposes a dynamic model for studying culture and its various expressions in a society composed of several ethnic and religious groups. The contributions focus on specific transformations of ethics in key documents of early Christianity, or take a more comparative perspective pointing to similar developments and overlaps as well as particularities within early Christian writings, Hellenistic-Jewish writings, Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish inscriptions.
: 1 online resource (ix, 305 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004242159 : 1566-208X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.