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Published 1968
Studi copti. 1) : Un encomio di Marco evangelista; 2) : Le fonti copte della Storia dei patriarchi di Alessandria; 3) La leggenda di S. Mercurio.

: Studi copti, 4. : 145 page ; 19 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Published 2012
Politics, monasticism, and miracles in sixth century Upper Egypt : a critical edition and translation of the Coptic texts on Abraham of Farshut /

: xiv,160 pages : facsimiles ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9783161522147

Published 1910
al-Tawdīḥ wa-al-bayān ʻan shiʻr Nābighat Dhubyān /

: 116 pages ; 24 cm. : .alaa-sweed

Sharḥ Dīwān ʻAntarah ibn Shaddād /

: 200 pages ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Disciples of the desert : monks, laity, and spiritual authority in sixth-century Gaza /

: xii, 211 pages : 1 map ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 185-199) and index. : 0801881102

The illustration of The heavenly ladder of John Climacus /

: vii, 198 pages : 112 plates, 31 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Published 1911
Dīwān al-Nābighah al-Dhubyānī al-shāʻir al-jāhilī al-shahīr : naqlan ʻan dīwān al-shuʻarāʼ al-khamsah.

: Reproduced from the Dīwān of the Five Poets, with some corrections. : 126 pages ; 25 cm.

Hādhā majmūʻ mushtamil ʻalá khamsat dawāwīn min ashʻār al-ʻArab.

: 200 pages ; 25 cm

Majmūʿ mushtamil ʿalá khamsat dawāwīn min ashʿār al-ʿArab /

: [The Divans of five classic Arabic poets, viz. (1) of al-Nābighah al-Dhubyānī, accompanied by the commentary of ʿĀṣim ibn Aiyūb al-Baṭalyūsī ; (2) of ʿUrwah ibn al-Ward al-ʿAbsī, accompanied by the commentary of Ibn al-Sikkīt ; (3) of Ḥātim al-Ṭāʾī, accompanied by an anonymous commentary ; (4) of ʿAlqamah ibn ʿAbadah ; and (5) of al-Farazdaq.]
: 200 pages ; 25 cm.

Published 2011
Documenting Christianity in Egypt, sixth to fourteenth centuries /

: 1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 1409427889 (hbk.)
9781409427889 (hbk.)

Khamsat dawaāwīn al-ʻArab : awwaluhā diwān al-Nābighah al-Dhubyānī wa-sharḥuhu lil-Baṭlayawsī, thānīhā ʻUrwah ibn al-Ward wa-sharḥuhu li-ibn al-Sukayt, thālithuhā al-Farazdaq al-sh...

: 80, 31, 93, 31, 16 pages ; 21 cm.

Published 1960
Dīwān al-Nābighah al-Dhubyānī /

: 135 pages ; 25 cm.

Published 1893
Dīwān ʻAntar /

: 120 pages ; 24 cm.

Published 1998
Hebrew poetry from late antiquity : liturgical poems of Yehudah : critical edition with introduction and commentary /

: The discovery of the Genizah manuscipt collection is nothing less than a revolution for the knowledge of Hebrew literature and Jewish culture in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. One of the main results of one hundred years of Genizah research is the rediscovery of Hebrew liturgical poetry which shed much light on various aspects of Jewish studies. For the last half century it has been almost comonplace to discover new poems, unknown poets, novel uses of poetry and unfamiliar poetic versions of familiar prose texts within liturgical settings being revealed among the manuscripts and manuscript fragments. The products of the composers and reciters of synagogue poetry convincingly demonstrate the importance of poetry in Jewish worship and communal life. The major corpora of Palestinian liturgical poetry bear evidence to the prolific literary activity of a number of famous poets who laid the foundations for the development of Hebrew poetry in later periods: Yossi ben Yossi, Yannai, Simon bar Megas, Elazar birabbi Kilir and Yohanan ha-Kohen. One of these mostly Byzantine-Jewish 'melodists' was Yehudah who composed a cycle of poems in accordance with the reading tradition of the Pentateuch and Prophets on the sabbath. This study presents Yehudah's oeuvre with commentaries and deals with its historical and literary context in four introductory chapters. The edition is complemented by indices and a bibliography.
: 1 online resource (xxix, 183 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 180) and index. : 9789004332430 : 0169-734X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1920
Dīwān ʻAntarah ibn Shaddād ibn Muʻāwiyah ibn Qurād al-ʻAbsī : al-maʻrūf bi-Munyat al-nafs fī ashʻār ʻAntar ʻAbs.

: 102 pages ; 23 cm.

Published 1997
John Philoponus' new definition of prime matter : aspects of its background in Neoplatonism and the ancient commentary tradition /

: This study provides the first full discussion of Philoponus' excursus on matter in contra Proclum XI. 1-8 which sets out the innovative definition of prime matter as three-dimensional extension. The author argues that Philoponus' definition was motivated primarily by philosophical problems in Neoplatonism. Philoponus employs the explanation of growth, the interpretation of Aristotle's category theory and the notions of formlessness and potentiality to substantiate his definition. To conclude, the book offers an assessment of the significance of Philoponus' innovation. It is demonstrated for the first time that Plotinus' view of matter exerted considerable influence on both Philoponus and Simplicius. Moreover, the structure of Syrianus' and Proclus' metaphysics prepared the way for Philoponus' account of prime matter.
: Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--1995 under title: Philoponus' notion of prime matter. : 1 online resource (xxiii, 339 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 297-316) and indexes. : 9789004320932 : 0079-1687 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2015
Ancient readings of Plato's Phaedo /

: Plato's Phaedo has never failed to attract the attention of philosophers and scholars. Yet the history of its reception in Antiquity has been little studied. The present volume therefore proposes to examine not only the Platonic exegetical tradition surrounding this dialogue, which culminates in the commentaries of Damascius and Olympiodorus, but also its place in the reflections of the rival Peripatetic, Stoic, and Sceptical schools. This volume thus aims to shed light on the surviving commentaries and their sources, as well as on less familiar aspects of the history of the Phaedo 's ancient reception. By doing so, it may help to clarify what ancient interpreters of Plato can and cannot offer their contemporary counterparts.
: 1 online resource (viii, 364 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 311-335) and index. : 9789004289543 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.