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Three faces of beauty : Casablanca, Paris, Cairo /

: x, 204 page : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (page [191]-196) and index. : 082232881X (hbk. : alk. paper)
0822328968 (pbk. : alk. paper)

Nurturing the nation : the family politics of modernizing, colonizing and liberating Egypt (1805-1923) /

: xv, 287 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 213-276) and index. : 0520240227

Published 2014
Religion in secular education : what, in heaven's name, are we teaching our children? /

: Cathy Byrne presents the secular principle as a guiding compass for religion in government schools in plural democracies. Using in-depth case studies, historical and contextual research from Australia, and comparisons with other developed nations, Religion in Secular Education provides a comprehensive, at times confronting, analysis of the ideologies, policies, pedagogies, and practices for state-school religion. In the context of rising demands for students to develop intercultural competence and interreligious literacy, and alongside increasing Christian evangelism in the public arena, this book highlights risks and implications as education develops religious identity - in individual children and in nation states. Byrne proposes a best practice framework for nations attempting to navigate towards socially inclusive outcomes and critical thinking in religions education policy.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004264342

Published 2018
Clinical trials and the African person : a quest to re-conceptualize responsibility /

: Clinical Trials and the African Person aims to position the African notion of the self/person within the clinical trials context. As opposed to autonomy-based principlism, this other-regarding/communalist perspective is the preferred alternative model. This tactic draws further attention to the inadequacy of the principlist approach particularly in multicultural settings. It also engenders a rethink, stimulates interest, and re-assesses the failed assumptions of universal ethical principles. As a novel attempt that runs against much of the prevailing (Euro-American) intellectual mood, this approach strives to introduce the African viewpoint by making explicit the import of the self in a re-contextualized arena, meaning within the community and a given milieu. Thus, research ethics must go beyond autonomy-based considerations for the individual, to rightly embed him/her within his/her community and the environment.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004366947 : 0929-8436 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2008
Changing values, persisting cultures : case studies in value change /

: In 1981, the European and World Values surveys started the empirical investigation of cultural values on a global scale. This volume builds upon the findings of these surveys and analyzes value change in a number of key countries around the globe. The authors track value change and stability in their respective countries during the last decade (the last two decades where data are available) of the 20th century. All authors have been actively involved in value surveys and have a great deal of expertise in countries that they write on. Thus, the volume is a valuable complement to studies that deal with the topic from a global perspective without providing any detail about individual societies. The countries covered are: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United States.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references (p. [369]-381) and index. : 9789047431350 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2020
Ages and abilities : the stages of childhood and their social recognition in prehistoric Europe and beyond /

: This volume explores social responses to stages of childhood from the late Neolithic to Classical Antiquity in Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Comparing osteological and archaeological evidence, as well as integrating images and texts, authors consider whether childhood age classes are archaeologically recognisable.
: Series issued by SSCIP.
Also issued in print: 2020.
"Available both in print and Open Access"--Homepage. : 1 online resource (xi, 248 pages) : illustrations (black and white), maps (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781789697698 (PDF ebook) : : Open access.

Published 2020
The archaeology of medieval towns : case studies from Japan and Europe /

: In recent years, major new archaeological discoveries have redefined the development of towns and cities in the Japanese archipelago. The uncovering of the plans of major port towns such as Sakai, Kusado Sengen and Ichijodani, and the revealing of early phases in the development of cities such as Kamakura and Hakata provide an important new resource in understanding the cultural and economic processes which shaped medieval Japan. This fully illustrated book provides a sampler of these findings for a western audience.
: Also issued in print: 2020. : 1 online resource (154 pages) : illustrations (black and white), maps (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9781789694277 (ebook) :

Published 2020
Le commerce régional et international au xe siècle en Syrie : d'après le trésor monétaire de Buseyra et d'autres trésors de l'époque /

: This volume presents a study of the treasure of Buseyra, which is preserved in the museum of Deir az-Zour in Syria. These coins offer precious information, not only about a large number of mints but also about the periods and quantities of minting activity in the region.
: Also issued in print: 2020. : 1 online resource (420 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour) : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9781789695304 (ebook) :