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The lettering of an Athenian mason /

: Revision of the author's thesis, Harvard, 1967. : xxiii, 134 pages : 40 plates. ; 28 cm. : Bibliography : pages [xi]-xii. : 0876615159

Published 1965
An historical guide to the sculptures of the Parthenon /

: "The present guide is based on the Short guide to the sculptures of the Parthenon (last impression, 1961) by Bernard Ashmole ..."
Prefesseur signed : D. E. L. Haynes. : 47 pages : illustrations, mounted color plate, portraits, plans ; 25 cm. : Bibliography : pages 47-[48]

The collector's eye : masterpieces of Egyptian art from the Thalassic Collection, Ltd. /

: Exhibition catalog, Michael C. Carlos Museum, April 21, 2001-January 6, 2002. : xxxi, 170 pages : color illustrations, map ; 29 cm. : 1928917038

Athenian red figure vases, the archaic period : a handbook /

: 252 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 236-241) and indexes. : 0500181497

Published 1982
Studies in Athenian architecture, sculpture, and topography /

: xii, 191 pages, 32 pages of plates : illustrations ; 28 cm.

City and school in late antique Athens and Alexandria /

: xii, 288 pages ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 263-279) and index. : 0520244214

Koptika hyphasmata = Coptic textiles.

: At head of title: Mouseion Benake, Benaki Museum.
Introduced by Lila Marangou. : 27 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 16 cm.

Published 1980
A guide to the Benaki Museum /

: Translation of : Hodēgos tou Mouseiou Benakē. : 199 pages : (chiefly col.), facsims., music, plans, ports. ; 19 cm.

Published 2013
Tan men/pale women : color and gender in archaic Greece and Egypt, a comparative approach /

: viii, 181 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9780472119110 (hardback)

The Acropolis in the age of Pericles /

: On CD-ROM: Images by Jeffrey M. Hurwit ; CD-ROM by Adam D. Newton. : xxvi, 304 pages : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.) : Includes bibliographical references (pages 285-295) and index. : 0521527406 : Sara.lib

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hypoakraios and imperial Athens /

: 96 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm. : Bibliography : pages 93-96. : wafaa.lib

The shape of Athenian law /

: ix, 433 pages ; 22 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 0198148941

Published 2015
Dionysos in classical Athens : an understanding through images /

: Dionysos, with his following of satyrs and women, was a major theme in a big part of the figure painted pottery in 500-300 B.C. Athens. As an original testimonial of their time, the imagery on these vases convey what this god meant to his worshippers. It becomes clear that - contrary to what is usually assumed - he was not only appropriate for wine, wine indulgence, ecstasy and theatre. Rather, he was present in both the public and private sphere on many, both happy and sad, occasions. In addition, the vase painters have emphasized different aspects of Dionysos for their customers inside and outside of Athens, depending on the political and cultural situation.
: 1 online resource (xx, 290 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004270121 : 0927-7633 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1998
Athenian generals : military authority in the classical period /

: This study of the Athenian strategia is concerned with identifying the locus of military authority in the Athenian polis . Consideration of the role played by generals in the deliberative and final stages of military expeditions and of the relationship between strategoi and their subordinates, colleagues, and the Athenian demos itself suggests that Athens' generals did not exercise significant authority over their city's military operations. Rather, the demos controlled its generals both by means of its direct involvement in decision-making related to campaigns and by establishing in Athens a climate of fear which was very often sufficient to dissuade generals from acting in opposition to the Athenians' will. This volume is important reading for anyone who is interested in ancient military history or the question of sovereignty in Athens.
: 1 online resource (xvi, 250 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 217-222) and index. : 9789004351486 : 0169-8958. Supplementum ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2012
Inscriptional records for the dramatic festivals in Athens : IG II2 2318-2325 and related texts /

: IG II2 2318-2325 represent the most substantial surviving body of evidence for the institutional history of the Athenian dramatic festivals from their establishment at the end of the 6th century BCE to their disappearance sometime in the mid- to late 100s. Millis and Olson offer a completely updated text of the inscriptions, based on a close study of the stones themselves; detailed explanations of the restorations of the dimensions and organization of the original records, with numerous redatings and the like; and new - and in some cases radically different - reconstructions of the monuments on which they were inscribed. The volume also includes substantial interpretative essays on each set of records, a full epigraphic and prosopographic commentary, and several indices.
: 1 online resource (xii, 238 pages) : 9789004232013 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1984
Aristophanes and Athenian society of the early fourth century B.C. /

: The purposes of this short monograph are to identify and analyze the problems of Athenian society with which the last two extant plays of Aristophanes - the Ekklesiazousai and the Ploutos - are concerned, as well as to examine the playright's views on the essence of these problems and on attempts to find satisfactory solutions to them. The work contains an introduction and seven sections: 1. Historical Background; 2. Poverty: Symptoms, Ideas regarding Solutions and Criticisms of Ideas; 3. Poverty versus Riches; 4. The sources of the ''Communistic'' Ideas; 5. Misthos Ekklesiastikos ; 6. The Censure of Materialism; 7. Aristophanes and the ''Middle Road''. The author has attempted here to set forth both the value of Aristophanes' last plays as historical sources and the significance of their social message.
: 1 online resource (46 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 44-46). : 9789004328167 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2006
Solon of Athens : new historical and philological approaches /

: This volume offers a range of innovative approaches to Solon of Athens, legendary law-giver, statesman, and poet of the early sixth century B.C. In the first part, Solon's poetry is reconsidered against the background of oral poetics and other early Greek poetry. The connection between Solon's alleged roles as poet and as politician is fundamentally questioned. Part two offers a reassessment of Solon's laws based on a revision of the textual tradition and recent views on early Greek lawgiving. In part three, fresh scrutiny of the archeological and written evidence of archaic Greece results in new perspectives on the agricultural crisis and Solon's role in the social and political developments of sixth-century Athens. Originally published in hardcover
: "This volume originated at a conference which was held at the study center of the Radboud University Nijmegen, Soeterbeeck, in the Netherlands in December 2003"--Acknowledgements. : 1 online resource (viii, 476 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789047408895 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Citizens in the Graeco-Roman world : aspects of citizenship from the archaic period to AD 212 /

: The twelve studies contained in this volume discuss some key-aspects of citizenship from its emergence in Archaic Greece until the Roman period before AD 212, when Roman citizenship was extended to all the free inhabitants of the Empire. The book explores the processes of formation and re-formation of citizen bodies, the integration of foreigners, the question of multiple-citizenship holders and the political and philosophical thought on ancient citizenship. The aim is that of offering a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, ranging from literature to history and philosophy, as well as encouraging the reader to integrate the traditional institutional and legalistic approach to citizenship with a broader perspective, which encompasses aspects such as identity formation, performative aspect and discourse of citizenship.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004352612 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1993
Athletics in ancient Athens /

: 1 online resource (xiv, 240 pages, [5] pages of plates) : illustrations, maps. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004276628 : 0169-8958 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2013
A commentary on selected speeches of Isaios /

: In A Commentary on Selected Speeches of Isaios , Brenda Griffith-Williams offers a fresh insight, accessible to non-Greek readers, into four disputed inheritance cases from the Athenian courts in the 4th century B.C. The only comprehensive English language commentary on Isaios (Wyse, 1904) reflects a negative view of the Athenian legal system as one in which the judges, who had no legal training, could be easily outwitted by an unscrupulous speechwriter with no regard for the truth. By addressing the complex interplay of factual, legal, and rhetorical issues in the selected speeches, Brenda Griffith-Williams identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker's case and presents a more balanced assessment of Isaios's work.
: Revision of the author's doctoral thesis, University of London, 2009. : 1 online resource (xx, 272 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 257-261) and index. : 9789004260184 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.