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Shifting Sands : The Rise and Fall of Biblical Archaeology /

: x, 186 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages [157]-170) and index. : 0195167104

Published 2012
Philo of Alexandria : an annotated bibliography 1997-2006 with addenda for 1987-1996 /

: This volume is a further continuation of the annotated bibliographies on the writings and thought of the Jewish exegete and philosopher Philo of Alexandria prepared by Roberto Radice and David Runia for the years 1937-1986 published in 1988 and by David Runia for the years 1987-1996 published in 2000. Prepared with the collaboration of the International Philo Bibliography Project, it contains a complete listing of all scholarly writings on Philo for the period 1997 to 2006. Part One lists texts, translations, commentaries et cetera (58 items). Part Two contains critical studies (1024 items). In part Three additional works for the years 1987-1996 are presented (42 items). In all cases a brief description of the contents of the contribution is given. Seven indices, including a detailed Index of subjects, complete the work.
: Includes indexes. : 1 online resource (xxv, 492 pages) : 9789004216853 : 0920-623X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2020
Buddhism in Central Asia /

: "The ERC-funded research project BuddhistRoad aims to create a new framework to enable understanding of the complexities in the dynamics of cultural encounter and religious transfer in pre-modern Eastern Central Asia. Buddhism was one major factor in this exchange: for the first time the multi-layered relationships between the trans-regional Buddhist traditions (Chinese, Indian, Tibetan) and those based on local Buddhist cultures (Khotanese, Uyghur, Tangut, Khitan) will be explored in a systematic way. The first volume Buddhism in Central Asia (Part I): Patronage, Legitimation, Sacred Space, and Pilgrimage is based on the start-up conference held on May 23rd-25th, 2018, at CERES, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany) and focuses on the first two of altogether six thematic topics to be dealt with in the project, namely on "patronage and legitimation strategy" as well as "sacred space and pilgrimage."".
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004417731

Published 2012
Magic and the Supernatural /

: 1 online resource : 9781848880955

Published 2010
Basil of Caesarea's anti-Eunomian theory of names : Christian theology and late-antique philosophy in the fourth century trinitarian controversy /

: Basil of Caesarea's debate with Eunomius of Cyzicus in the early 360s marks a turning point in the fourth-century Trinitarian controversies. It shifted focus to methodological and epistemological disputes underlying theological differences. This monograph explores one of these fundamental points of contention: the proper theory of names. It offers a revisionist interpretation of Eunomius's theory as a corrective to previous approaches, contesting the widespread assumption that it is indebted to Platonist sources and showing that it was developed by drawing upon proximate Christian sources. While Eunomius held that names uniquely predicated of God communicated the divine essence, in response Basil developed a "notionalist" theory wherein all names signify primarily notions and secondarily properties, not essence.
: Revision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--Emory University, 2009. : 1 online resource (xiv, 300 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 267-284) and indexes. : 9789004189102 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2011
Scriptural interpretation and community self-definition in Luke-Acts and the writings of Justin Marty r

: Scholars of Christian origins often regard Luke-Acts and the writings of Justin Martyr as similar accounts of the replacement of Israel by the non-Jewish church. According to this view, both authors commandeer the Jewish scriptures as the sole possession of non-Jewish Christ-believers, rather than of Jews. Offering a fresh analysis of the exegesis of Luke and Justin, this book uncovers significant differences between their respective depictions of the privileged status that Christ-believers hold in relation to the Jewish scriptures. Although both authors argue that Christ-believers alone possess an inspired capacity to interpret the Jewish scriptures, unlike Justin, Luke envisages an ongoing role for the Jewish people as recipients of the promises that God pledged to Israel.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references (p. [283]-310) and index. : 9789004201590 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2012
Initiating women in Freemasonry : the adoption rite /

: Freemasonry is generally regarded a male phenomenon. Yet, both before 1723 and since 1744, women were initiated as well. This book is about the rituals, used for the initiation of women in the Adoption Lodges, since the middle of the 18th century. It describes their contents, roots and creation before reviewing and conceptualising their development in the past three centuries. It analyses the different families of rituals within the Adoption Rite, and gives an overview of specific developments, showing how the rituals were adapted to their changing contexts. Apart from its relevance for the history of Freemasonry in general and the Adoption Rite in particular, the book also writes a hitherto unknown chapter of women's history. Of particular interest for the history of feminism is the chapter about the 20th century, which could only be written now that the documents concerning it, which had been moved to Moscow in 1945, had been returned in 2000.
: 1 online resource (xvii, 550 pages, [32] pages of plates) : illustrations (some color) : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004219342 : 1871-1405 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2012
Religious identity and national heritage : empirical-theological perspectives /

: In some parts of our world, religion is on the wane, losing its thrust of doctrinal authority and communal bonds. In other regions, it is gaining public significance as a powerful social, cultural and political force. Secularization theories are less successful in accounting for these differences in religion's role. Other theories describe religion in terms of social capital to be invested whenever it offers certain personal, social or political benefits and market opportunities allow smart choices. Still other theories simply hold that religion corresponds to an inborn need or stable disposition that guarantees a culture's identity and reflects a natural equilibrium of social cohesion. There are also critical theories that point to the intrinsic relationship of religion with power and identify it as a major cause of tension and conflict. In this book distinguished scholars reflect on these questions and present empirical research about religious identity and national heritage.
: Description based upon print version of record. : 1 online resource (320 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004228788 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2013
The book of Genesis in late antiquity : encounters between Jewish and Christian exegesis /

: The Book of Genesis in Late Antiquity: Encounters between Jewish and Christian Exegesis examines the relationship between rabbinic and Christian exegetical writings of Late Antiquity in the Eastern Roman Empire and Mesopotamia. The volume identifies and analyses evidence of potential 'encounters' between rabbinic and Christian interpretations of the book of Genesis. Each chapter investigates exegesis of a different episode of Genesis, including the Paradise Story, Cain and Abel, the Flood Story, Abraham and Melchizedek, Hagar and Ishmael, Jacob's Ladder, Joseph and Potiphar and the Blessing on Judah. The book discusses a wide range of Jewish and Christian literature, including primarily rabbinic and patristic traditions, but also apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, Philo and Josephus. The volume sheds light on the history of the relationship between Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity, and brings together two scholars (of Rabbinics and of Eastern Christianity) in a truly collaborative work. The research was funded by an award from the Leverhulme Trust at the Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge, UK, and the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies of the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, UK.
: Description based upon print version of record. : 1 online resource (x, 537 pages) : 9789004245556 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2013
Bodies of knowledge in ancient Mesopotamia : the diviners of late Bronze Age Emar and their table collection /

: In Bodies of Knowledge in Ancient Mesopotamia Matthew Rutz explores the relationship between ancient collections of texts, commonly deemed libraries and archives, and the modern interpretation of titles like 'diviner'. By looking at cuneiform tablets as artifacts with archaeological contexts, this work probes the modern analytical categories used to study ancient diviners and investigates the transmission of Babylonian/Assyrian scholarship in Syria. During the Late Bronze Age diviners acted as high-ranking scribes and cultic functionaries in Emar, a town on the Syrian Euphrates (ca. 1375-1175 BCE). This book's centerpiece is an extensive analytical catalogue of the excavated tablet collection of one family of diviners. Over seventy-five fragments are identified for the first time, along with many proposed joins between fragments.
: 1 online resource (xxi, 682 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004245686 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2014
Proverbs and the African tree of life : grafting Biblical proverbs on to Ghanaian Eve folk proverbs /

: In Proverbs and the African Tree of Life Dorothy BEA Akoto-Abutiate juxtaposes chosen sayings from Proverbs and selected Ewe Folk proverbs using the agricultural metaphor of "grafting," which she calls a "hermeneutic of grafting." Though these two sets of sayings come from completely different cultural contexts, Akoto argues that folk sayings/proverbs, which abound in Africa, should be considered as an already mature, established tree on to which a piece of the biblical tree is spliced or engrafted to produce hybridized fruits that have uniquely different tastes than the fruits of each tree individually. This metaphorical grafting process allows the message of the Bible (in Proverbs) to be understood, imbibed and appropriated in Africa.
: 1 online resource (pages) : 9789004274471 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2002
The book of Haggai : prophecy and society in early Persian Yehud /

: This monograph is a study of the perceptions reflected in the Book of Haggai regarding the primary social, political and religious institutions in early Persian Yehud. Special attention is given to the form and function of prophecy, and to the role of the prophet in society. The study includes a history of the criticism of Haggai, a study of the book's redactional history and socio-political context, and an exegesis and literary analysis of the text. It concludes with an examination of the distinctive perspectives found in the book and the sociological and religious milieu that produced them. The work is particularly useful for its detailed analysis of the biblical text, its attention to recent literature on the early Persian period, and its multidisciplinary and integrative approach.
: Revision of the author's dissertation, Le rôle du prophete dans le livre d'Agée, Sorbonne-Paris-IV and Institut Catholique de Paris, 1995. : 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references (p. [281]-307) and indexes. : 9789004276178 : 0083-5889 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2015
Sociologies of religion : national traditions /

: Sociologies of Religion: National Traditions presents fourteen histories of the sociological study of religion in a diverse set of nations. Each of the histories is newly written by author who are uniquely situated to tell narrate the story of the field in their countries. They give us the stories behind major personages, theoretical traditions, seminal works, research institutes, and professional associations. The histories trace the various ways the field was established in different academic and religious contexts and the trajectories it took in emerging as a scientific specialty.
: 1 online resource (viii, 412 pages) : Includes bibliographical references. : 9789004297586 : 1061-5210 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1997
Maximus I. von Turin : die Verkündigung eines Bischofs der frühen Reichskirche im zeitgeschichtlichen, gesellschaftlichen und liturgischen Kontext /

: This volume deals with the sermons of St. Maximus I, Bishop of Turin about AD 305-420. It presents an exemplary study which, besides clarifying problems of dating and authorship, points out the importance of context for an appropriate interpretation of sermon literature. The sermons are thus placed in the contexts of contemporary history, of society and of liturgy. The liturgical contextualisation forms the core of the book. The author reconstructs the liturgical year of late-Antique Turin and takes it as the basis of a detailed diachronic analysis of the bishop's preaching from advent to pentecost. Additionally, the Feasts of the Saints are seen in their kerygmatic function. In a concluding chapter the author tackles such problems as the exegetical nature of preaching and the importance of the Bible.
: 1 online resource (xviii, 342 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 288-327) and index. : 9789004313071 : 0920-623X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2016
Hearing Kyriotic sonship : a cognitive and rhetorical approach to the characterization of Mark's Jesus /

: In Hearing Kyriotic Sonship Michael Whitenton explores first-century audience impressions of Mark's Jesus in light of ancient rhetoric and modern cognitive science. Commonly understood as neither divine nor Davidic, Mark's Jesus appears here as the functional equivalent to both Israel's god and her Davidic king. The dynamics of ancient performance and the implicit rhetoric of the narrative combine to subtly alter listeners' perspectives of Jesus. Previous approaches have routinely viewed Mark's Jesus as neither divine nor Davidic largely on the basis of a lack of explicit affirmations. Drawing our attention to the mechanics of inference generation and narrative persuasion, Whitenton shows us that ancient listeners probably inferred much about Mark's Jesus that is not made explicit in the narrative.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004329652 : 0928-0731 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2018
Pentecostals and Roman Catholics on becoming a Christian : spirit-baptism, faith, conversion, experience, and discipleship in Ecumenical perspective /

: In Pentecostals and Roman Catholics on Becoming a Christian , Dr. Karen Murphy explores the fifth round of the International Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue (1998-2006). Discussing Spirit-baptism, faith, conversion, experience, and discipleship, Dr. Murphy notes areas in which the Dialogue has evolved since its inception in 1972. She unpacks the commonalities that bond Catholics and Pentecostals and examines theological divergences and challenges to dialogue. While Catholics approach becoming a Christian from a sacramental perspective, most Pentecostals think of Christian initiation in non-sacramental, or conversionist, terms, a reality that fosters ongoing tensions between the two traditions. Dr. Murphy reveals how Catholics and Pentecostals seek to overcome this dichotomy by honoring spirituality and experience as integral to the ecumenical encounter.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004367869 : 1876-2247 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2018
The Dangerous Duty of Rebuke: Leviticus 19:17 in Early Jewish and Christian Interpretation.

: In The Dangerous Duty of Rebuke Matthew Goldstone explores the ways in which religious leaders within early Jewish and Christian communities conceived of the obligation to rebuke their fellows based upon the biblical verse: "Rebuke your fellow but do not incur sin" (Leviticus 19:17). Analyzing texts from the Bible through the Talmud and late Midrashim as well as early Christian monastic writings, he exposes a shift from asking how to rebuke in the Second Temple and early Christian period, to whether one can rebuke in early rabbinic texts, to whether one should rebuke in later rabbinic and monastic sources. Mapping these observations onto shifting sociological concerns, this work offers a new perspective on the nature of interpersonal responsibility in antiquity.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004376557

Published 2020
Septuagint, targum and beyond : comparing Aramaic and Greek versions from Jewish antiquity /

: In Septuagint, Targum and Beyond leading experts in the fields of biblical textual criticism and reception history explore the relationship between the two major Jewish translation traditions of the Hebrew Bible. In comparing these Greek and Aramaic versions from Jewish antiquity the essays collected here not only tackle the questions of mutual influence and common exegetical traditions, but also move beyond questions of direct dependence, applying insights from modern translation studies and comparing corpora beyond the Old Greek and Targum, including, for instance, Greek and Aramaic translations found at Qumran, the Samareitikon, and later Greek versions.
: Includes index. : 1 online resource. : 9789004416727

Published 2020
Ecumenism and Independency in World Christianity : Historical Studies in Honour of Brian Stanley /

: 'Ecumenism' and 'independency' suggest two distinct impulses in the history of Christianity: the desire for unity, co-operation, connectivity, and shared belief and practice, and the impulse for distinction, plurality, and contextual translation. Yet ecumenism and independency are better understood as existing in critical tension with one another. They provide a way of examining changes in World Christianity. Taking their lead from the internationally acclaimed research of Brian Stanley, in whose honour this book is published, contributors examine the entangled nature of ecumenism and independency in the modern global history of Christianity. They show how the scrutiny afforded by the attention to local, contextual approaches to Christianity outside the western world, may inform and enrich the attention to transnational connectivity.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004437548

Published 1995
The Apocryphon of John : Synopsis of Nag Hammadi Codices II,1 - III,1 and IV,1 with BG 8502,2 /

: This synopsis of the Apocryphon of John presents the four Coptic text (NHC II,1; III,1 and IV,1; with BG 8502) in parallel columns with English translations in similar arrangement beneath the Coptic text. Important parallel texts are included in an appendix. The volume also contains a research bibliography on the Apocryphon of John and an index of Coptic and Greek words.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004439658