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Madelung in 2006 Wilferd Ferdinand Madelung FBA (26 December 1930 – 9 May 2023) was a German author and scholar of Islamic history widely recognised for his contributions to the fields of Islamic and Iranian studies. He was appreciated in Iran for his "knowledgeable and fair" treatment of the Shia perspective. In the obituary of the Institute of Ismaili Studies (London) where Madelung worked his last years, it reads: ''"With particular reference to religious schools and movements in early Islam, his studies, based on a vast array of primary sources, have enriched the discipline’s understanding of almost every major Muslim movement and community – not only early Imami Shi‘ism and the later developments of Twelver, Ismaili and Zaydi Islam but also the lesser known aspects of Sunni, Khariji and the Mu‘tazili schools of theology and philosophy."'' Provided by Wikipedia
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Published 2019
Kitāb al-muʿtamad fī uṣūl al-dīn /

: Abu ʼl-Ḥusayn al-Baṣrī (d. 436/1044) was the founder of the last theological school of the Muʿtazila and author of, among others, the Kitāb taṣaffuḥ al-adilla and Sharḥ al-uṣūl al-khamsa . None of his theological works survive in full, while his influential Kitāb taṣaffuḥ al-adilla , of which only fragments remain, was actually never finished. Al-Baṣrī's teachings were given a new impulse and audience through the writings of Rukn al-Dīn b. al-Maḥmūd al-Malāḥimī (d. 536/1141) of Khurāsān, where his ideas also gained support among the Shīʿa, including Naṣīr al-Dīn Ṭūsī (d. 672/1274). Al-Malāḥimī's Kitāb al-muʿtamad fī uṣūl al-dīn , in which he relies mostly on al-Baṣrī's Kitāb taṣaffuḥ al-adilla , survives only in part. The present volume contains a new edition of this text. Thanks to the discovery of two manuscripts in Yemen it was possible to amend the first edition in places and to add a lot of new material, the text now being double in size.
: Added t.p. has: Revised and enlarged edition by Wilferd Madelung.
"Mīras̲-i Maktūb ; 236" : 1 online resource. : 9789004405974

Published 2017
Ibāḍī texts from the 2nd/8th century.

: In Ibāḍī Texts from the 2nd/8th Century Abdulrahman Al-Salimi and Wilferd Madelung present an edition of fourteen Ibāḍī religious texts and explain their contents and extraordinary source value for the early history of Islam. The Ibāḍīs constitutes the moderate wing of the Kharijite opposition movement to the Umayyad and 'Abbasid caliphates. The texts edited are mostly polemical letters to opponents or exhortatory to followers by 'Abd Allah born Ibad , Abu l-'Ubayda Muslim born Abi Karima and other Ibadi leaders in Basra, Oman and Hadramawt. An epistle detailing the offences of the caliph 'Uthman is by the early Kufan historiographer al-Haytham born 'Adi. By their early date and independence of the mainstream historical tradition these txts offer the modern historian of Islam an invaluable complement to the well-known literary sources.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004330658 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2014
Early Ibadī theology : six kalam texts /

: Early Ibāḍī Theology presents the critical edition of six Arabic theological texts recently discovered in two manuscripts in Mzāb in Algeria dating from the middle of the 8th century. The texts were sent by their author, the prominent Kūfan Ibāḍī kalām theologian 'Abd Allāh born Yazīd al-Fazārī to North Africa where he had a large following in the Ibāḍī community later known as the Nukkār. They constitute the earliest extant body of Muslim kalām theology and are vital for the study of the initial development of rational theology in Islam. The sophisticated treatment of the divine attributes in these texts indicates that this subject developed considerably earlier in Islamic theology than previously accepted in modern scholarship.
: 1 online resource (pages) : 9789004274594 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2010
Baṣran Muʻtazilite theology : Abū ʻAlī Muḥammad born Khallād's Kitāb al-uṣūl and its reception : a critical edition of the Ziyādāt Sharḥ al-uṣūl by the Zaydī Imām al-Nāṭiq bi-l-ḥaq...

: Includes indexes. : 1 online resource. : 9789004215757 : 0929-2403 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2016
al-Sahib ibn 'Abbad, promoter of rational theology : two Mu'tazili kalam texts from the Cairo Geniza /

: The volume contains critical editions of the extant parts of two hitherto unknown theological works by the Būyid vizier al-Ṣāḥib born ʿAbbād (d. 385/925), who is well known to have vigorously promoted the teaching of Muʿtazilī theology throughout Būyid territories and beyond. The manuscripts on which the edition is based come from Cairo Geniza store rooms. They consist of two manuscripts for each of the two texts-testimony to the impact of al-Ṣāḥib's education policy on the contemporaneous Jewish community in Cairo. The longer treatise of al-Ṣāḥib of circa 350/960, possibly his Kitāb Nahj al-sabīl fī uṣūl al-dīn , appears to be the earliest Muʿtazilī work preserved among the Jewish community. The second, briefer treatise also contains a commentary by ʿAbd al-Jabbār al-Hamadānī (d. 415/1025).
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004323735 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

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