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Monarchs of the Nile /

: Includes bibliographical references (pages 224-229) and index. : xviii, 238 pages : illustrations, maps, genealogical tables ; 24 cm. : 9789774167164

Clothing culture : dress in Egypt in the first millennium AD : clothing from Egypt in the collection of the Whitworth Art Gallery, the University of Manchester /

: Published to accompany an exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery, 20 May - 10 September 2006 : v, 154 pages : illustration (chiefly color), 1 porter ; 31 cm. : Includes bibliographical refereneces. : 090326157x

Der Makedonische Konig und die agyptischen Priester : Studien zur Geschichte des ptolemaiischen Agypten /

: 238 pages ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 3515065024

Published 1967
Essays on the history of religions /

: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004377929 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2004
The Salvation-Historical Fallacy? : Reassessing the History of New Testament Theology /

: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004397552

Published 2010
Kingdom Come : Revisioning Pentecostal Eschatology /

: In his Pentecostal Spirituality: A Passion for the Kingdom (1993), theologian Steven J. Land issued a clarion call for Pentecostal theologians to reconsider eschatology outside the categories of premillennial dispensationalism. Kingdom Come: Revisioning Pentecostal Eschatology is Matthew Thompson's constructive answer to Land's invitation. Thompson persuasively argues that Pentecostalism's adoption of premillennial dispensationalism as a hermeneutic, as a philosophy of history and as an eschatology robs the movement of the potential for dynamic growth and of profound experiences of the power of the Holy Spirit. Thompson concludes his account with an engagement of the eschatologies of John Fletcher, Jürgen Moltmann and Sergius Bulgakov in order to construct what he terms a genuinely Pentecostal eschatology formulated thematically through the lens of the five-fold Pentecostal Full Gospel.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004397132

Published 2005
Study of Religion in Southern Africa, Essays in Honour of G.C. Oosthuizen.

: This collection of essays is brought together in the honour of Gerhardus Cornelis (Pippin) Oosthuizen on his eighty third birthday. Pippin has been one of the most significant religion researchers and prolific Humanities publishers South Africa has ever produced. Among his friends and colleagues are some of the most important scholars of religion in South Africa and elsewhere. With his critical acumen and insightful understanding of the ebb and flow of the South African socio-political landscape of the last fifty-odd years, he has been a distinguished leader in research and has been honoured with Honorary doctorates from South Africa's leading universities. This collection constitutes a small token of appreciation for his more than fifty years in academia and his academic leadership.
: 1 online resource. : 9789047407492

Published 2019
"Alas, Short is the Joy of Life!" Elamite Funerary Practice in the First Half of the First Millennium BCE /

: Recent scholarship has begun to unveil the culturally rich and dynamic landscape of southwest Iran during the first half of the first millennium BCE (aka the Neo-Elamite period) and its significance as the incubation ground for the Persian Empire. In Profiling Death. Neo-Elamite Mortuary Practices, Afterlife Beliefs, and Entanglements with Ancestors , Yasmina Wicks continues the investigation of this critical epoch from the perspective of the mortuary record, bringing forth fascinating clues as to the ritual practices, beliefs, social structures and individual identities of Elam's lowland and highland inhabitants. Enmeshed with its neighbours, yet in many ways culturally distinct, Elam receives its due treatment here as a core component of the ancient Near East.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004391772 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2006
Pentecostal Healing : Models in Theology and Practice /

: * WINNER, THE FOUNDATION FOR PENTECOSTAL SCHOLARSHIP 2007 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE * This detailed historical study of the formative years of Pentecostal healing shows with abundant examples how many early Pentecostals were grappling with questions of great importance for the Christian understanding of healing and its relationship to soteriology. This is essential reading for an understanding of the background to Pentecostal thinking and will inform theological reflection on issues associated with the healing ministry of the Christian church.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004397064

Published 2018
Theology and Society in the Second and Third Centuries of the Hijra. Volume 4 : A History of Religious Thought in Early Islam /

: Theology and Society is the most comprehensive study of Islamic intellectual and religious history, focusing on Muslim theology. With its emphasis on the eighth and ninth centuries CE, it remains the most detailed prosopographical study of the early phase of the formation of Islam. Originally published in German between 1991 and 1995, Theology and Society is a monument of scholarship and a unique scholarly enterprise which has stood the test of time as an unparalleled reference work.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004381599 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2019
Ways of Knowing Muslim Cultures and Societies : Studies in Honour of Gudrun Krämer /

: This volume showcases a variety of innovative approaches to the study of Muslim societies and cultures, inspired by and honouring Gudrun Krämer and her role in transforming the landscape of Islamic Studies. With contributions from scholars from around the world, the articles cover an extraordinarily wide geographical scope across a broad timeline, with transdisciplinary perspectives and a historically informed focus on contemporary phenomena. The wide-ranging subjects covered include among others a "men in headscarves" campaign in Iran, an Islamic call-in radio programme in Mombassa, a refugee-related court case in Germany, the Arab revolutions and aftermath from various theoretical perspectives, Ottoman family photos, Qurʾān translation in South Asia, and words that can't be read.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004386891 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2018
Authority and control in the countryside from antiquity to Islam in the Mediterranean and Near East (6th-10th century)

: Authority and Control in the Countryside looks at the economic, religious, political and cultural instruments that local and regional powers in the late antique to early medieval Mediterranean and Near East used to manage their rural hinterlands. Measures of direct control - land ownership, judicial systems, garrisons and fortifications, religious and administrative appointments, taxes and regulation - and indirect control - monuments and landmarks, cultural styles and artistic models, intellectual and religious influence, and economic and bureaucratic standard-setting - are examined to reconstruct the various means by which authority was asserted over the countryside. Unified by its thematic and spatial focus, this book offers an array of interdisciplinary approaches, allowing for important comparisons across a wide but connected geographical area in the transition from the Sasanian and Roman to the Islamic period. Contributors: Arezou Azad and Hugh Kennedy, Sobhi Bouderbala, Michele Campopiano, Alain Delattre, Jessica Ehinger, Simon Ford, James Howard-Johnston, Elif Keser-Kayaalp, Marie Legendre, Javier Martínez Jiménez, Harry Munt, Annliese Nef and Vivien Prigent, Marion Rivoal and Marie-Odile Rousset, Gesa Schenke, Petra Sijpesteijn, Peter Verkinderen, Luke Yarbrough, Khaled Younes.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004386549 : 2210-8920 ;

Published 2004
Ancient Alexandria between Egypt and Greece /

: As one of the greatest cities of antiquity, Alexandria has always been a severe challenge to its historians, all the more so because the surviving evidence, material and textual, is so disparate. New archaeological and literary discoveries and the startling diversity of ancient Alexandria (so reminiscent of some modern cities) add to the interest. The present volume contains the papers given at a conference at Columbia University in 2002 which attempted to lay some of the foundations for a new history of Alexandria by considering, in particular, its position between the traditions and life of Egypt on the one hand, and on the other the immigrants who came there from Greece and elsewhere in the wake of the founder Alexander of Macedon.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789047406389

Published 2019
Empires of the Sea : a Maritime Power Networks in World History /

: Empires of the Sea brings together studies of maritime empires from the Bronze Age to the Eighteenth Century. The volume aims to establish maritime empires as a category for the (comparative) study of premodern empires, and from a partly 'non-western' perspective. The book includes contributions on Mycenaean sea power, Classical Athens, the ancient Thebans, Ptolemaic Egypt, The Genoese Empire, power networks of the Vikings, the medieval Danish Empire, the Baltic empire of Ancien Régime Sweden, the early modern Indian Ocean, the Melaka Empire, the (non-European aspects of the) Portuguese Empire and Dutch East India Company, and the Pirates of Caribbean.
: 1 online resource : 9789004407671

Published 2019
Making Mesopotamia - Geography and Empire in a Romano-Iranian Borderland

: In Making Mesopotamia: Geography and Empire in a Romano-Iranian Borderland , Hamish Cameron examines the representation of the Mesopotamian Borderland in the geographical writing of Strabo, Pliny the Elder, Claudius Ptolemy, the anonymous Expositio Totius Mundi, and Ammianus Marcellinus. This inter-imperial borderland between the Roman Empire and the Arsacid and Sasanid Empires provided fertile ground for Roman geographical writers to articulate their ideas about space, boundaries, and imperial power. By examining these geographical descriptions, Hamish Cameron shows how each author constructed an image of Mesopotamia in keeping with the goals and context of their own work, while collectively creating a vision of Mesopotamia as a borderland space of movement, inter-imperial tension, and global engagement.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004388635 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.