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Published 2000
Archaeozoology of the Near East IV : proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on the Archaeozoology of Southwestern Asia and Adjacent Areas /

: "ICAZ"-Cover. : 2 voloums (256, 233 pages) : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9036712432

Published 2013
Archaeozoology of the Near East X : proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on the Archaeology of South-Western Asia and Adjacent Areas /

: viii, 420 pages : illustrations, maps ; 31 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9789042929661

Published 2017
Archaeozoology of the near east 9 : proceedings of the 9th conference of the ASWA (AA) working group : archaeozoology of southwest asia and adjacent areas : in honour of Hans-Peter...

: 2 volumes : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 31 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781782978442

Hunter-gatherers and early food producing societies in northeastern Africa /

: From the contents: 0Hassan Hussein Idris Ahmed : Seventy years of prehistoric work in Sudan (1940-2010).0I. The Nile Valley / Annett Dittrich : Dating the Neolithisation process in the Middle Nile valley: a critical approach / Agnieszka Maczynska: Lower and Upper Egypt in the 4th millennium BC. The development of craft specialisation and social organisation of the Lower Egyptian and Naqada cultures / Karolina Rosinska-Balik: Proto- and Early Dynastic graves from Tell el-Farkha (Egypt) in three-dimensional view. A case study of grave no.1000/ Lenka Sukov : Pictures in place : a case study from Korosko (Lower Nubia) / Elena A. A. Garcea: Origin and Early Development of Food Producing Cultures at Sai Island and Amara West, northern Sudan.
: "Proceedings of the International Symposium organized by the Poznán Archaeological Museum and Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences, for the International Commission of the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa, Poznán, 4-7 July 2011" -- Title page verso. : 459 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ;24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 8360109435
9788360109434 : 0866-9244 ; : 2015401655

Hunter-gatherer archaeobotany : perspectives from the northern temperate zone /

: xi, 196 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm : Includes bibliographical references. : 0905853385 :

Published 1998
People, water, and grain : the beginnings of domestication in the Sahara and the Nile valley /

: OCLC 40647608 : 155 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (135-149) and index. : 8882650170

Published 1999
Prehistory of agriculture : new experimental and ethnographic approaches /

: "This new edition features updated chapters, with those originally in French now presented in English" -- P. x.
OCLC 39765793 : xii, 308 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 281-306). : 0917956931

Published 2010
The neolithic revolution in the Near East : transforming the human landscape /

: OCLC 795456756 : xviii, 340 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index.

Published 1989
Foraging and farming : the evolution of plant exploitation /

: OCLC 18558399
Results of a symposium held at the World Archaeological Congress, held in Southampton, England, in Sept. 1986. : xxxiii, 733 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 0044450257

Published 2016
Un estudio de tecnología lítica desde la antropología de las técnicas : el caso del Alero Deodoro Roca ca. 3000 AP, Ongamira, Ischilín, Córdoba /

: As part of a series of research projects on the archaeology of hunter-gatherers societies in the Southern Pampean Hills this presents, among other things, the study of various aspects of the organization of lithic technology and strategies for the use of lithic resources by prehistoric populations. This is in order to understand the social aspects that allow us to recognize and describe habitus or ways of doing things. In this book we studied lithic assemblages, in the manner described above from stratigraphic levels of the Alero Deodoro Roca (Deodoro Roca Rockshelter) comprising chronologies between ca. 3000 years BP to ca. 3600 years BP.
: Previously issued in print: 2016. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour), map (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784913502 (ebook) :

Published 2018
Technologie du harponnage sur la côte Pacifique du désert d'Atacama (nord du Chili) /

: Throughout the volume the reader will follow a representation of a marine hunter-gatherer society, a projection deriving from one of its iconic and most important material assets, the harpoon.
: Previously issued in print: 2018. : 1 online resource (78 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : 9781789690286 (ebook) :

Published 2018
La ocupación cazadora-recolectora durante la transición Pleistoceno-Holoceno en el oeste de Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil : geoarqueología de los sitios en la formación sedimentaria T...

: This work presents the results obtained during geoarchaeological studies carried out in the locality of Touro Passo, Brazil. New chronologies obtained represent a scientific advance for the study of hunter-gatherer occupations during the Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene in the triple border of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.
: Previously issued in print: 2018. : 1 online resource (xviii, 238 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour) : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784919146 (ebook) :

Published 2020
Foragers in the middle Limpopo Valley : trade, place-making, and social complexity /

: Foragers were present in the Limpopo Valley (South Africa) before the arrival of farmers and not only witnessed but also participated in local systems leading to the appearance of a complex society. Despite numerous studies in the valley, forager involvement in socio-political developments has been, until now, largely ignored.
: "Available in both print and Open Access"--Homepage.
Also issued in print: 2020. : 1 online resource (viii, 125 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781789696868 (PDF ebook) : : Open access.

Published 2023
Growing up in the Cis-Baikal region of Siberia, Russia : reconstructing childhood diet of Middle Holocene hunter-gatherers /

: This volume analyses the dietary life histories of prehistoric hunter-gatherers from six cemeteries in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, Russia. The overarching goal was to better understand how they lived by examining what they ate, how they utilized the landscape, and how this changed over time.
: Also issued in print: 2023. : 1 online resource (256 pages) : illustrations (colour) : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781803274942 (PDF ebook) :