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Published 1923
Greek religious thought from Homer to the age of Alexander,

: "A compilation of extracts from the Greek authors, selected, so far as possible, without prejudice and translated with such honesty as a translation may have."--pages vii. : xxxv, 252 pages ; 20 cm.

Published 1947
Ideae Platonicae /

: 158 pages ; 24 cm.

Published 1962
Greek into Arabic : essays on Islamic philosophy /

: 256 pages ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Published 1900
Der musterstaat von Alfārābī /

: viii, lxxix, 136 page ; 24 cm.

Published 1949
Before philosophy : the intellectual adventure of ancient man /

: Originally published under title : "The intellectual adventure of ancient man". : 275 pages ; 18 cm.

Published 1952
Lucretius, on the nature of things.

: translation of : De rerum natura. : xi, 310 pages ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Published 1928
The mission of Greece : some Greek views of life in the Roman world /

: xi, [1], 302 pages, 1 l : plates, portrait ; 20 cm.

Perspectives arabes et medievales sur la tradition scientifique et philosophique grecque : actes du colloque de la SIHSPAI, Paris, 31 mars - 3 avril 1993 /

: xiv, 665 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographic references and index. : 9068317830

Ideae platonicae edidit et prolegomenis instruxit Abdurrah mān Badaur /

: 217 pages ; 26 x 18 cm.

Ascetic behavior in Greco-Roman antiquity : a sourcebook /

: Translations from Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Coptic, and Syriac. : xxvii, 514 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 484-487) and indexes. : 0800631056 (alk. paper) :

Published 1965
al-falsafat inda al-Yunan /

: 327 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

al-Masīḥ wa-falāsifat Athīnā /

: 199 pages ; 20 cm. : bibliography : pages 192.

Tafsir ma baʻd at-tabiʻat /

: Cover title, volume 1-2 : Averroès : Tafsīr Ma ba'd aṭ-ṭabī'at (Grand commentaire de la Métaphysique) [Title in Arabic
Text in Arabic, with commentary and criticism in French.
"A commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics". : volume <1-2> ; 25 cm.

Published 1950
Māʼidat Aflāṭūn : kalām fī al-ḥubb : manqūl ʻan al-ḥakīm al-Yūnānī /

: At head of title : Muʼallafāt Muḥammad Luṭfī Jumʻah. : 272 pages ; 19 cm.

Published 1910
Mabādiʼ al-falsafah al-qadīmah : majmūʻah fīhā Kitāb Mā yanbaghī an yuqaddam qabla taʻallum falsafat Arsiṭū wa-Kitāb ʻUyūn al-masāʼil fī al-manṭiq wa-mabādiʼ al-falsafah /...

: Title on added title page : Principles of ancient philosophy / by Al-Farabi. : 16, 17, 18, 5 pages ; 24 cm.

Published 1950
al-Falsafah al-ighrīqīyah /

: 2 volumes in 1 ; 23 cm.

Rasāʼil al-Kindī al-falsafīyah /

: 384 pages ; 25 cm.

Published 2015
De graecarum affectionum curatione : Heilung der griechischen Krankheiten /

: The treatise "De Graecarum affectionum curatione" (Therapeia of the Greek Maladies) is considered a highlight of Christian apologetic literature. Bishop Theodoret of Cyrrhus(ca AD 393 - ca AD 460) disputes the prejudice that the Christian faith was incompatible with classical education and civilization. He shows the integrating ability of globally aligned Christianity to establish peaceful local communities. The Greek tradition itself demonstrates the truth of Christianity. The text is placed in the context of Theodoret's life and works. Its literary character, place in Christian apologetics, sources, cultural and historical context, and the possibility that Syrian Antioch was its place of origin are all examined. The present edition contains the critical text by Raeder and a German translation with notes. Die Schrift "De Graecarum affectionum curatione" (Heilung der griechischen Krankheiten) ist ein Höhe¬punkt der Apologetik der Alten Kirche. Theodoret (circa 393 - circa 460), Bischof von Kyrrhos, tritt dem Vorurteil entgegen, Glaube und Lebensführung der Christen vertrügen sich nicht mit klassischer Bildung und Gesittung. Er wirbt für die integrative Fähigkeit des global ausgerichteten Christentums, friedliche lokale Ge¬meinschaften eta¬blieren zu können. Die griechische Tradition selbst bezeuge die Wahrheit des Christentums. Die Schrift wird in Leben und Werk Theodorets eingeordnet, ihre literarische Eigenart, ihr Platz in der christlichen Apologetik, ihre Quellen, ihr soziales und historisches Umfeld und Antiochien als möglicher Entstehungsort werden untersucht. Die vorliegende Ausgabe enthält den kritischen Text von Raeder und eine deutsche Übersetzung mit kommentierenden Anmerkungen.
: 1 online resource (xxiv, 825 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004279490 : 0920-623X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2020
Philo of Alexandria, On planting : introduction, translation, and commentary /

: "The Jewish exegete and philosopher Philo of Alexandria has long been famous for his complex and spiritually rich allegorical treatises on the Greek Bible. The present volume presents first translation and commentary in English on his treatise De plantatione (On planting), following on the volume devoted to On cultivation published previously by the same two authors. Philo gives a virtuoso performance as allegorist, interpreting Noah's planting of a vineyard in Genesis 9.20 first in theological and cosmological terms, then moving to the spiritual quest of both of advanced souls and those beginning their journey. The translation renders Philo's baroque Greek into readable modern English. The commentary pays particular attention to the treatise's structure, its biblical basis and its exegetical and philosophical contents".
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004417519

Published 2013
Gnosticism, Platonism and the late ancient world : essays in honour of John D. Turner /

: This Festschrift honors the life and work of John D. Turner (Charles J. Mach University Professor of Classics and History at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln) on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Professor Turner's work has been of profound importance for the study of the interaction between Greek philosophy and Gnosticism in late antiquity. This volume contains essays by international scholars on a broad range of topics that deal with Sethian, Valentinian and other early Christian thought, as well as with Platonism and Neoplatonism, and offer a variety of perspectives spanning intellectual history, Greek and Coptic philology, and the study of religions.
: 1 online resource (li, 701 pages) : portrait. : "Bibliography of John D. Turner"--p. xliii-li.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004254763 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.