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The construction of time in antiquity : ritual, art, and identity /

: xii,296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9781107108967

Time and cosmos in Greco-Roman antiquity /

: Published on the Occasion of the exhibition held at the Institute for the study of the ancient world, New York University, New York, October19,2016-April 23, 2017. : 206 pages : color illustrations, map ; 29 cm. : Bibliography : pages 194-203. : 9780691174402

Time in antiquity /

: xiii, 206 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 180-198) and index. : 9780415331562

Published 1971
Living time and the integration of the life /

: viii, 252 pages ; 23 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (page 247) and indexes. : 0722400624

Zeit und ewigkeit im alten Agypten : ein beitrag zur geschichte der ewigkeit /

: 71 pages ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 3533024067

Djet et Neheh : une histoire du temps égyptien /

: 142 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index.

Published 2015
Reading Clocks, Alla Turca : Time and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire /

: xii, 273 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 241-266) and index. : 9780226257723

Caesar's calendar : ancient time and the beginnings of history /

: xiv, 372 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 303-333) and indexes. : 0520251199 : .alaa-sweed

The calendar : history, lore, and legend /

: 143 pages : illustrations (some color), color map ; 18 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (page 137) and index. : 0810929813 : .alaa-sweed

Published 1994
Revolutions in time : studies in ancient Egyptian calendrics /

: xvii, 107 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 0933175361

Steinzeit und Sternenzeit : altägyptische Zeitkonzepte /

: 354 pages : ill. ; 22 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (p. [291]-314). : 9783770550289

The archaeology of time /

: ix, 150 pages : Illustrations ; 21 cm. : Includes bibliographical references (pages 137-147) and index. : 0415311985 : Nabil

Published 2008
The temporal mechanics of the Fourth Gospel : a theory of hermeneutical relativity in the Gospel of John /

: Spiritual but broken, theological but flawed-these are the words critics use to describe the Gospel of John. Compared to the Synoptics, John's version of the life of Jesus seems scrambled, especially in the area of time and chronology. But what if John's textual and temporal flaws have more to do with our implicit assumptions about time than a text that is truly flawed? This book responds to that question by reinventing narrative temporality in light of modern physics and applying this alternative temporal lens to the Fourth Gospel. From the singularity in the epic prologue to the narrative warping of event-like objects, this work explodes the elemental temporalities simmering below the surface of a spiritual yet superior Gospel text.
: Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Nottingham, 2006. : 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references (p. [255]-297) and indexes. : 9789047433231 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2006
Le Temps et les Temps : dans les littératures juives et chrétiennes au tournant de notre ère /

: This volume deals with calendar and liturgical times on the one hand. It discusses questions related to the establishment of the calendar and the observance of traditional and new feasts in Palestine and in the diaspora. On the other hand this book deals with the predetermined organization of the times. It considers the periodization of times and the idea of a revelation being carried out from one period to another; the irruption of the fixed Time and the concomitant representation of a recovery of the times; and the expectation of the last times. In particular, the texts from Qumran, the New Testament, and hellenistic Jewish literature are investigated, but older and more recent texts are taken into account as well.
: Papers presented at a colloquium. : 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references (p. 256-257) and indexes. : 9789047409267 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2014
Creation, covenant, and the beginnings of Judaism : reconceiving historical time in the Second Temple period /

: This study examines the relationship between time and history in Second Temple literature. Numerous sources from that period express a belief that Jewish history began with an act of covenant formation and proceeded in linear fashion until the exile, an unprecedented event which severed the present from the past. The authors of Ben Sira, Jubilees , the Animal Apocalypse , and 4 Ezra responded to this theological challenge by claiming instead that Jewish history began at creation. Between creation and redemption, history unfolds as a series of static, repeating patterns that simultaneously account for the disappointments of the Second Temple period and confirm the eternal nature of the covenant. As iterations of timeless, cyclical patterns, the difficult post-exilic present and the glorious redemption of the future emerge as familiar, unremarkable, and inevitable historical developments.
: 1 online resource (xii, 216 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 191-208) and index. : 9789004281653 : 1384-2161 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2001
The concept of time in the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls /

: The book is concerned with the concept of time in the Bible and in later literature, primarily that of the Judaean Desert sect. By the term "concept of time" the author refers to the entire complex of issues relating to time, as follows from our involvement in the writings of the corpus. The work discusses issues of terminology, substance and ideology that arise from the totality of texts dealing with the subject of time. The conjoining of the eight groups of chapters of the book provides a comprehensive picture of the approach to time in ancient Hebrew literature, beginning with the Bible and concluding with the first century CE, the latest possible time frame for the Scrolls.
: 1 online resource (xii, 389 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 375-380) and index. : 9789047401179 : 0169-9962 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2006
Origen : cosmology and ontology of time /

: Origen's Cosmology and Ontology of Time constitute a major catalyst and a massive transformation in the development of Christian doctrine. The author challenges the widespread impression about this theology being bowled head over heels by its encounter with Platonism, Gnosticism, or Neoplatonism, and casts new light on Origen's grasp of the relation between Hellenism, Hebrew thought and Christianity. Against all ancient and modern accounts, the ingrained claim that Origen sustained the theory of a beginningless world is disconfirmed. He is argued to be the anticipator and forerunner of critical notions, with his innovations never having been superseded. While some of the accounts afforded by subsequent Christian writers were more extended, they were not fuller. Of them, Augustine just fell short of even accurately echoing this Theory of Time, since he introduced affinity with Platonism at points where Origen had instituted a radical dissimilarity. With his background fruitfully brought into the study of these questions, Origen's propositions are genuine innovations, not mere advances, however massive.
: 1 online resource (xiii, 417 pages) : Includes bibliographical references (p. 377-392) and indexes. : 9789047417637 : 0920-623X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1996
Calendar and chronology, Jewish and Christian : biblical, intertestamental and patristic studies /

: Judaism and Christianity are both religions of history and remembrance and rely on calendars and accurate chronologies to recall and reenact the signal events in their histories. The import of dividing the day and night, of knowing the moment of Sabbath and Lord's Day, of properly timing Passover and Easter cannot be overstated. Throughout the history of both religions, these issues were central to worship and practice of religion and had far-reaching effects from messianism to prophecy. But their very centrality meant they were issues of controversy and debate. Roger Beckwith looks carefully at the Jewish and Christian records concerning calendar and chronology, compares, contrasts, and challenges rival solutions to these complex questions. His breath of research - from the ancient Near East to Qumran, from Josephus and Philo to the Maccabean writings, and from the points of view of Paul and Jesus to the Fathers of the church - and his focus on the more controversial issues of dating make Calendar and Chronology an essential book for any serious scholar of history, liturgy, worship, and interpretation. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.
: 1 online resource (xv, 333 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004332874 : 0169-734X ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 1992
Religion and Time.

: The essays in this volume, all freshly written for this purpose, focus on the concept of time in the major religious traditions. Two essays prepare the methodological grounds - by elaborating the phenomenological and existential conceptions of time and their religious significance. The theme of time, so central to the religious point of view, offers a focal point for fruitful interreligious dialogue. The essays also demonstrate that the complexities of the understanding of time in any religious tradition no longer permit the use of familiar but outdated clichés.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004378773

What difference does time make? : papers from the ancient and Islamic Middle East and China in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Midwest Branch of the American Oriental Society...

: 189 pages : illustrations, charts ; 24 cm. : 9781789693171