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Published 2021
Naval Warfare and Maritime Conflict in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Mediterranean : Ancient Warfare Series Volume 2 /

: In Naval Warfare and Maritime Conflict in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Mediterranean , Jeffrey P. Emanuel examines the evidence for maritime violence in the Mediterranean region during both the Late Bronze Age and the tumultuous transition to the Early Iron Age in the years surrounding the turn of the 12th century BCE. There has traditionally been little differentiation between the methods of armed conflict engaged in during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages, on both the coasts and the open seas, while polities have been alternately characterized as legitimate martial actors and as state sponsors of piracy. By utilizing material, documentary, and iconographic evidence and delineating between the many forms of armed conflict, Emanuel provides an up-to-date assessment not only of the nature and frequency of warfare, raiding, piracy, and other forms of maritime conflict in the Late Bronze Age and Late Bronze-Early Iron Age transition, but also of the extent to which modern views about this activity remain the product of inference and speculation.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004430785

Published 2021
The Expression of Emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia /

: The volume The Expression of Emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia offers an overview of the study of emotions in ancient texts, discusses the concept of emotions in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and shows how emotions are described in the ancient texts. In the section dedicated to Ancient Egypt, scholars discuss emotions such as fear, depression, anger, feelings of pain, envy, jealousy and greed, with evidence from different text genres, as well as emotions from the Late Ramesside Letters and royal inscriptions. In the section dedicated to Ancient Mesopotamia, scholars present a wide range of perspectives on Sumerian and Akkadian literary and archival texts that treat emotions in different periods.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004430761

Published 2020
The Sacred Landscape of Dra Abu el-Naga during the New Kingdom : People Making Landscape Making People /

: In The Sacred Landscape of Dra Abu el-Naga during the New Kingdom, Ángeles Jiménez-Higueras offers the reconstruction of the physical, religious and cultural landscape of Dra Abu el-Naga south and its conceptual development from the 18th to the 20th Dynasties (1550-1069 BC). A wider insight into the Theban necropolis is provided, including the position played by the Dra Abu el-Naga cemetery within the Theban funerary context understood as an inseparable complex of diverse components. For this study, Ángeles Jiménez-Higueras has reconciled textual and archaeological perspectives with theories relating to Landscape Archaeology, which efficiently manages to compile and to link prosopographical-genealogical, archaeological and GIS (Geographical Information System) data.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004435681

Published 2020
Hrozný and Hittite : the first hundred years : proceedings of the International Conference held at Charles University, Prague, 11-14 November 2015 /

: This volume collects 33 papers that were presented at the international conference held at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in November 2015 to celebrate the centenary of Bedřich Hrozný's identification of Hittite as an Indo-European language. Contributions are grouped into three sections, "Hrozný and His Discoveries," "Hittite and Indo-European," and "The Hittites and Their Neighbors," and span the full range of Hittite studies and related disciplines, from Anatolian and Indo-European linguistics and cuneiform philology to Ancient Near Eastern archaeology, history, and religion. The authors hail from 15 countries and include leading figures as well as emerging scholars in the fields of Hittitology, Indo-European, and Ancient Near Eastern studies.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004413122

Published 2020
Excavations at Mendes : a Volume 2 The Dromos and Temple Area /

: The second volume of Excavations at Mendes furthers the publication of our archaeological work at the site of Tel er-Rub'a, ancient Mendes, in the east central Delta. Mendes is proving to be one of the most exciting sites in the Nile Delta. Occupied from prehistoric times until the Roman Period, Mendes reveals the nature of a typical Late Egyptian city, its distribution of economy, and demography. The discoveries reported on in this volume were wholly unexpected, and bear meaning fully on Ancient Egyptian history: these include the prosperity and size of the original Old Kingdom city, the major contributions of Ramesses II and Amasis to the monumental nature of the city, and the role of the city in the period c. 600-100 B.C. as an entrepot for Mediterranean trade.
: 1 online resource : 9789004410947

Published 2016
Orality and literacy in the Demotic tales /

: 363 pages ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004323063 (hardcover : alk. paper)

Published 2016
Punt : die Suche nach dem "Gottesland" /

: xi, 800 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and indexes. : 9789004322608 (hardback : alk. paper) : 1566-2055 ;

Published 2021
The British Museum's Excavations at Nineveh, 1846-1855 /

: Geoffrey Turner has written the definitive study of the mid-19th century excavations sponsored by the British Museum at the ancient Assyrian site of Nineveh in Iraq. Based on exhaustive analysis of unpublished archives combined with his own extensive knowledge of Assyrian architecture, Turner's work documents the complete history of these excavations. Turner also draws on the archives and numerous additional sources to provide a detailed reconstruction of the architecture and relief sculpture in the building that was the primary focus of these excavations, the Southwest Palace of Sennacherib (ruled 705-681 BC). The result constitutes the final report both on the results of these excavations and on the original appearance of one of the ancient world's most famous buildings.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004435377

Published 2020
Nomads of the Mediterranean: Trade and Contact in the Bronze and Iron Ages : Studies in Honor of Michal Artzy /

: Three millennia of cross-Mediterranean bonds are revealed by the 18 expert summaries in this book-from the dawn of the Bronze Age to the budding of Hellenization. An international team of acclaimed specialists in their fields-archaeologists, historians, geomorphologists, and metallurgists-shed light on a plethora of aspects associated with travelling this age-old sea and its periphery: environmental factors; the formation of harbors; gateways; commodities; the crucial role of metals; cultural impact; and the way to interpret the agents such as Canaanites, "Sea Peoples," Phoenicians, and pirates. The book will engage any student of the Old World in the 3000 years before the Common Era.
: 1 online resource. : 9789004430112

Published 2020
À l'ombre des grandes puissances de Mésopotamie. Une histoire du Sūhu à l'époque néo-assyrienne /

: In À l'ombre des grandes puissances de Mésopotamie. Une histoire du Sūhu à l'époque néo-assyrienne , Philippe Clancier studies the Sūhu region of the Euphrates river, on the border of Assyria and Babylonia. He reconstructs its geography by presenting the fauna and flora, and by identifying sites and the layout of traffic routes. After going back to the 2nd millennium BC to explain the origin of its main dynasty, he highlights the partition of Sūhu into two main kingdoms before its reunification in the 8th century BC and its later conquest by Assyria. Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach that combines written sources, archaeological data and travellers' accounts, Philippe Clancier offers for the first time a history of this region in the neo-Assyrian period.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004433281

Published 2020
Studies in Islamic historiography : essays in honour of Professor Donald P. Little /

: This book offers students and scholars an introduction to and insight into the wealth of historiographies produced in various Muslim milieus. Four articles deal with the classical period: archaeology and history in early Islamic Amman; an analysis of sources dealing with Muwaḥḥid North Africa; al-Maqrizī's prosopographical production; the rise of early Ottoman historiography. Three examine sacred history as historiography: in 10th century Fatimid Egypt; in the 16th century Indian Chishtī Sufi milieu; and in the Sino-Muslim Confucian tradition in Qing China. The final two articles provide fresh approaches to historiography by respectively looking into the sijils of Ottoman Cairo as historical sources and by highlighting the regional approach to the writing of the history of the Indian Ocean. Contributors: Frédéric Bauden, Heather J. Empey, Derryl MacLean, Sami G. Massoud, Murat Cem Mengüç, Reem Meshal, Hyondo Park, Patricia Risso, Shafique N. Virani and Michael Wood.
: Includes index. : 1 online resource. : 9789004415294

Published 2021
Iron Age Terracotta Figurines from the Southern Levant in Context /

: This interdisciplinary volume is a 'one-stop location' for the most up-to-date scholarship on Southern Levantine figurines in the Iron Age. The essays address terracotta figurines attested in the Southern Levant from the Iron Age through the Persian Period (1200-333 BCE). The volume deals with the iconography, typology, and find context of female, male, animal, and furniture figurines and discusses their production, appearance, and provenance, including their identification and religious functions. While giving priority to figurines originating from Phoenicia, Philistia, Jordan, and Israel/Palestine, the volume explores the influences of Egyptian, Anatolian, Mesopotamian, and Mediterranean (particularly Cypriot) iconography on Levantine pictorial material.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004436770

Published 2022
Histoire des textiles en Babylonie, 626-484 av. J.-C. : Production, circulations et usages /

: Textiles were one of the most celebrated products of Near-Eastern craft in Antiquity. In Histoire des Textiles en Babylonie, 626-484 av. J.-C. , Louise Quillien offers an analysis of textile manufacturing, exchanges and uses in Babylonian society. In a context where archaeological textile remains are rare, cuneiform texts provide rich information on this craft. The book demonstrates that through the study of objects, it is possible to highlight a whole section of the economy, culture, religion and social customs of an ancient society, and proposes to immerse the reader in the daily life of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004463936

Published 2022
Ancient Egyptian Animal Fables : Tree Climbing Hippos and Ennobled Mice /

: One group of ancient Egyptian drawings has captured the curiosity of scholars and laypeople alike: images of animals acting like people. They illustrate animal fables originally from a larger mythological narrative, making them an integral part of New Kingdom Thebes's religious environment. This book examines the purpose of animal fables, drawing cross cultural and temporal comparisons to other storytelling and artistic traditions. This publication is also the first thorough art historical treatment of the ostraca and papyri. The drawings' iconography and aesthetic value are carefully examined, providing further nuance to our understanding of ancient Egyptian art.
: This book examines the depictions of anthropomorphised animals found on ostraca and papyri from Deir el-Medina and considers their narrative and artistic purpose within the religious environment of New Kingdom Thebes. : 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004466951

Published 2022
The Books behind the Masks : Sources of Warfare Leadership in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Warfare Series Volume 4 /

: The study of the ancient Egyptian military and warfare now encompasses the background court society in which the various eulogies drawn up for the glorification of the kings were composed. This study proceeds from a previous analysis of the leadership characteristics of the military pharaohs to their underlying war records to the literary compositions that the pharaohs had drawn up for their glorification. A study of these court-inspired accounts fits within the overarching new perspectives of royally directed and inspired ancient Egyptian literature. The historical background covers the New Kingdom pharaohs Kamose, Thutmose III, Ramesses II and III, with Merenptah, plus Pianchy. The concentration is primarily upon the narrative structures employed in each of these king's monumental inscriptions.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004466111

Published 2021
Linguistic and Cultural Interactions between Greece and the Ancient Near East : In Search of the Golden Fleece /

: The aim of this book is to provide new insights on the multi-faceted topic of the relationships between ancient Greece and ancient Anatolia before the Classical era. This is a rapidly evolving field of enquiry, thanks to the recent advances in our understanding of the Anatolian languages and the ever-growing availability of primary evidence. The chapters in this volume investigate the question of Graeco-Anatolian contacts from various points of view and with a specifically linguistic and textual focus. The nature of the evidence calls for an interdisciplinary approach, and the contributions presented here range from writing systems to contact linguistics, without excluding the analysis of cultural motifs and religious practices in both literary texts and non-literary evidence.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004461598

Published 2022
Selves Engraved on Stone: Seals and Identity in the Ancient Near East, ca. 1415-1050 BCE /

: Selves Engraved on Stone explores the ways in which multiple aspects of identity were constructed through the material, visual, and textual characteristics of personal seals from ancient Mesopotamia and Syria in the latter half of the 2nd millennium BCE.
Typically carved in stone, the cylinder seal is perhaps the most distinctive art form to emerge in ancient Mesopotamia. It spread across the Near East from ca. 3300 BCE onwards, and remained in use for millennia. What was the role of this intricate object in the making of a person's social identity? As the first comprehensive study dedicated to this question, Selves Engraved on Stone explores the ways in which different but often intersecting aspects of identity, such as religion, gender, community and profession, were constructed through the material, visual, and textual characteristics of seals from Mesopotamia and Syria.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004524569

Published 2022
The Tomb of the Priests of Amun : Burial Assemblages at the National Museum of Denmark Gate of the Priests Series Volume 2 /

: This book examines the objects of the Danish Lot of antiquities from Bab el-Gasus that are kept at the National Museum of Denmark since 1893 aiming at reconstructing how they were crafted, designed, used and recycled during the 21st Dynasty.
Previously unpublished, the Danish Lot of antiquities from the Tomb of the Priests of Amun (Bab el-Gasus) is thoroughly examined in this book. The in-depth analysis of the objects is followed by an assessment of how these objects were crafted, designed, used and recycled in the Theban necropolis, a procedure that not only reveals to be instrumental in the dating of the objects, as it sheds light into the extraordinary dynamics of funerary workshops during the 21st Dynasty. The volume also examines the arrival of the Lot and its reception in Denmark.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004524804

Published 2023
Excavations at Tel Kabri III : The 2013 to 2019 Seasons /

: Tel Kabri was the center of a Canaanite polity during the Middle Bronze Age. Initial excavations conducted at the site from 1986 to 1993 revealed the remains of a palace dating primarily during the first half of the second millennium BCE. Excavations were resumed at the site under the co-direction of the present editors, Assaf Yasur-Landau and Eric H. Cline, beginning in 2005. This volume presents the results of the work done at Tel Kabri during the years from 2013 to 2019, focused especially on the exploration of the rooms within the Wine Storage Complex of the palace.
: 1 online resource (464 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004548336

Published 2023
The Amorites : A Political History of Mesopotamia in the Early Second Millennium BCE /

: This study of the political history of Mesopotamia - today's Iraq and Syria - in the Old Babylonian period (ca. 2000-1600 BCE) is the first comprehensive historical synthesis of this kind published in English after many decades. Based on numerous written sources in Sumerian and Akkadian - royal inscriptions, letters, law collections, economic records, etc. - and on up-to-date research, it presents the region's political history in a meticulous geographic and chronological manner. This allows the interested academic and non-academic reader an in-depth view into the scene of ancient Mesopotamia ruled by competing dynasties of West Semitic (Amorite) origin, with a complex web of political and tribal connections between them.
: 1 online resource (597 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004547315