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Published 2017
Ecowomanism, religion, and ecology /

: Ecowomanism emerges from third wave womanist thought that emphasises interdisciplinary, interreligious and intergenerational dialogue as approaches to environmental ethics. Ecowomanism unashamedly validates the importance of the perspectives of women of color, and especially the voices, perspectives and contributions of women of African descent.
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Published 2017
Liquid ecclesiology : the gospel and the church /

: In Liquid Ecclesiology Pete Ward explores the theological contours of the turn to ethnography in the study of the Christian Church. His approach rests on a theology of culture that holds in tension and paradox the expression of the Church and divine presence. This theological framework is then developed through an extended qualitative empirical case study examining the communicative practices of the contemporary evangelical Church. The case study examines how the evangelical Gospel through expression has become marginalised in the everyday life of communities being replaced by a new more individual and personalised theology seen in worship songs. The final section of the book returns to the debates around ethnographic forms of theology and the question of normativity. This book will be of interest to all those engaged in empirical and theological work, as well as those researching the contemporary Church and evangelicalism
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Published 2018
Jain approaches to plurality : identity as dialogue /

: In Jain Approaches to Plurality Melanie Barbato offers a new perspective on the Jain teaching of plurality ( anekāntavāda ) and how it allowed Jains to engage with other discourses from Indian inter-school philosophy to global interreligious dialogue. Jainism, one of the world's oldest religions, has managed to both adapt and preserve its identity across time through its inherently dialogical outlook. Drawing on a wide range of textual sources and original research in India, Barbato analyses the encounters between Jains and non-Jains in the classical, colonial and global context. Jain Approaches to Plurality offers a comprehensive introduction to anekāntavāda as a non-Western resource for understanding plurality and engaging in dialogue. "Building upon earlier work in this field without simply reduplicating it, Melanie Barbato's work delves deeply into the question of the relevance of Jain approaches to religious and philosophical diversity to contemporary issues of inter-religious dialogue, and dialogues across worldviews more generally. (...) This work is a most welcome contribution to the conversation." - Jeffery D. Long, Professor of Religion and Asian Studies, Elizabethtown College . April 2017. Author of Jainism: An Introduction .
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Published 2017
Mothering, public leadership, and women's life writing : explorations in spirituality studies and practical theology /

: In Mothering, Public Leadership, and Women's Life Writing , Claire E. Wolfteich presents a series of case studies in Christian spirituality, bringing mothers' autobiographical writing into focus for theological reflection. From the medieval mystic Margery Kempe to the twentieth-century activist Dorothy Day, from African American preacher Jarena Lee to labor organizer Dolores Huerta, the book mines women's first-person writing, surfacing critical issues for theological analysis. Listening deeply to these diverse maternal voices, the book advances creative theological reflection on work, vocation, time poverty, Sabbath, and spiritual guidance. Mothering, Public Leadership, and Women's Life Writing demonstrates the significance of the study of mothering for theology and spirituality studies and the import of life writing as an underutilized source for practical theology.
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Published 2018
Hope and otherness : Christian eschatology and interreligious hospitality /

: In Hope and Otherness , Jakob Wirén analyses the place and role of the religious Other in contemporary eschatology. In connection with this theme, he examines and compares different levels of inclusion and exclusion in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish eschatologies. He argues that a distinction should be made in approaches to this issue between soteriological openness and eschatological openness. By going beyond Christian theology and also looking to Muslim and Jewish sources and by combining the question of the religious Other with eschatology, Wirén explores ways of articulating Christian eschatology in light of religious otherness, and provides a new and vital slant to the threefold paradigm of exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism that has been prevalent in the theology of religions. "Jakob Wirén's study pushes forward the frontiers of three disciplines all at the same time: theology of religions; comparative religions and eschatology. (...) This is a challenging and important book." - Gavin D'Costa, University of Bristol, Professor of Catholic Theology, 2017 "This book explores of the status of religious others in Christian eschatology, and of eschatology itself as a privileged place for reflecting on religious otherness. Wiren mines not only Christian, but also Jewish and Muslim sources to develop an inclusive eschatology. Hope and Otherness thus represents an important contribution to both theology of religions and comparative theology." - Catherine Cornille, Boston College, Professor of Comparative Theology, 2017
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Published 2017
Missionary positions : a postcolonial feminist perspective on sex work and faith-based outreach in Australia /

: Missionary Positions examines the context for Christian outreach to people in the sex industry. Over the last 20 years, faith-based organisations have become more engaged in ministering with sex workers. But what are the methods and desired outcomes that undergird pastoral practice in this field? Most Christians see prostitution as evil, and those who sell sex are considered broken victims in need of restoration. Yet the voices and experiences of sex workers themselves often challenge these assumptions. Using feminist and postcolonial perspectives, interviews with Christian practitioners in Australia and personal narrative, Lauren McGrow carves out a space for the dynamic theological agency and life complexity of sex workers to be more fully acknowledged in faith-based outreach projects.
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Published 2018
Aesthetic experience and somaesthetics /

: This collection of essays explores the crucial connections between aesthetic experience and the interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics, while further advancing inquiry in both. After the editor's introduction and three articles examining philosophical accounts of embodiment and aesthetic experience in existentialism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and pragmatism, the book's nine remaining articles apply somaesthetic theory to the fine arts (including detailed studies of the body's role in painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, music, photography, and cinema) but also to diverse arts of living, considering such topics as cosmetics and sexual practice. These interdisciplinary, multicultural essays are written by a distinctively international group of experts, ranging from Asia (China and India) to Europe (Denmark, Finland, Hungary, and Italy) and the United States.
: 1 online resource (220 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004361928 : 2451-8646 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Common words in Muslim-Christian dialogue : a study of texts from the common word dialogue process /

: In Common Words in Muslim-Christian Dialogue Vebjørn L. Horsfjord offers an analysis of texts from an international dialogue process between Christian and Muslim leaders. Through detailed engagement with the Muslim dialogue letter A Common Word between Us and You (2007) and a large number of Christian responses to it, the study analyses the dialogue process in the wake of the Muslim initiative and shows how the various texts gain meaning through their interaction. The author uses tools from critical discourse analysis and speech act analysis and claims that the Islamic dialogue initiative became more important as an invitation to Muslim-Christian dialogue than as theological reflection. He shows how Christian leaders systematically chose to steer the dialogue process towards practical questions about peaceful coexistence and away from theological issues.
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Published 2017
A graceful embrace : theological reflections on adopting children /

: This book significantly deepens the contemporary discussion of the theology and practice of adopting children. Though adoption appears prominently in Scripture, contemporary adoption practice has thus far proceeded without serious theological engagement. This book seeks to fill this gap by offering a theological and ethical perspective on adoption that not only clarifies and complicates contemporary understandings of adoption, but also throws fresh light on family, community, vocation, and even what it means to be human. Both interdisciplinary and international, the volume is brings together theologians and ethicists from Europe, the UK, Canada and the United States. A rich set of reflections from both practical and theoretical perspectives offers a unique and uniquely insightful vision of Christian adoption. Contributors are: Dale P. Andrews, Jana Marguerite Bennett, Marco Derks, R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Bill McAlpine, Kirsten Sonkyo Oh, Sarah Shea, Paul Shrier, Henning Theißen, Hans. G. Ulrich, Karin Ulrich-Eschemann, Heather Walton, Brent Waters, Nick Watson.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004352902 : 2352-9288 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
The politics of religion and the rise of social Catholicism in Peru (1884-1935) /

: In The Politics of Religion and the Rise of Social Catholicism in Peru (1884-1935) Ricardo Cubas Ramacciotti provides a lucid synthesis of the Catholic Church's responses to the secularisation of the State and society whilst offering a fresh appraisal of the emergence of Social Catholicism and its contribution to social thought and development of civil society in post-independence Peru. Making use of diverse historical sources, Cubas provides a comprehensive view of a reformist yet anti-revolutionary trend within the Peruvian Church that, decades before the emergence of Liberation Theology and under divergent intellectual paradigms, developed an active agenda that addressed the new social problems of the country, including those of urban workers, and of indigenous populations.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004355699 : 1542-1279 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
The medieval presence in the modernist aesthetic : unattended moments /

: In The Medieval Presence in the Modernist Aesthetic: Unattended Moments , editors Simone Celine Marshall and Carole M. Cusack have brought together essays on literary Modernism that uncover medieval themes and tropes that have previously been "unattended", that is, neglected or ignored. A historical span of a century is covered, from musical modernist Richard Wagner's final opera Parsifal (1882) to Russell Hoban's speculative fiction Riddley Walker (1980), and themes of Arthurian literature, scholastic philosophy, Irish legends, classical philology, dream theory, Orthodox theology and textual exegesis are brought into conversation with key Modernist writers, including T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Samuel Beckett, Marcel Proust, W. B. Yeats, Evelyn Waugh and Eugene Ionesco. These scholarly investigations are original, illuminating, and often delightful.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004357020 : 1877-3192 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Yearbook of Chinese theology 2017 /

: The Yearbook of Chinese Theology is an international, ecumenical and fully peer-reviewed annual that covers Chinese Christianity in the areas of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Comparative Religions. It offers genuine Chinese theological research previously unavailable in English, by top scholars in the study of Christianity in China. The 2017 volume highlights the five sub-disciplines of theology with contributions from: Juhong Ai, Jianming Chen andamp; Tao Xiao, Xiaojuan Cheng, Xiangping Li, Gong Liang, Jianbo Huang, Paulos Huang, Meixiu Wang, Philip L. Wickeri, Kevin Xiyi Yao, Jie Zhao, Weichi Zhou.
: 1 online resource (xxv, 202 pages) : 9789004350694 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2018
The plant contract : art's return to vegetal life /

: The Plant Contract argues that visual and performance art can help change our perception of the vegetal world, and can return us to nature and thought. Via an investigation into the wasteland, robotany, feminist plants, and nature rights, this phytology-love story investigates how contemporary art is mediating the effects of plant-blindness, caused by human disassociation from the natural world. It is also a gesture of respect for the genius of vegetal life, where new science proves plants can learn, communicate, remember, make decisions, and associate. Art is a litmus test for how climate change affects human perception. This book responds to that test by expressing plant-philosophy to a wider public, through an interrogation of plant-art.
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Published 2018
Buddhist encounters and identities across East Asia /

: Encounters, networks, identities and diversity are at the core of the history of Buddhism. They are also the focus of Buddhist Encounters and Identities across East Asia , edited by Ann Heirman, Carmen Meinert and Christoph Anderl. While long-distance networks allowed Buddhist ideas to travel to all parts of East Asia, it was through local and trans-local networks and encounters, and a diversity of people and societies, that identities were made and negotiated. This book undertakes a detailed examination of discrete Buddhist identities rooted in unique cultural practices, beliefs and indigenous socio-political conditions. Moreover, it presents a fascinating picture of the intricacies of the regional and cross-regional networks that connected South and East Asia.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004366152 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
An ethnography of a Vodu shrine in southern Togo : of spirit, slave, and sea /

: In this book, Eric Montgomery and Christian Vannier provide an ethnographically informed text on the cultural meanings and practices surrounding the gods and metaphysics of Vodu, as they relate to daily life in an ethnic Ewe fishing community on the coast of southern Togo. The authors approach this spirit possession and medicinal order through "shrine ethnography," understanding shrines as parts of sacred landscapes that are ecological, economic, political, and social. Giving voice to practitioners and situating shrines and Vodu itself into the history and political economy of the region make this text pertinent to the social changes and global relevance of Millennial Africa.
: 1 online resource (ix, 306 pages) : illustrations. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004341258 : 0169-9814 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Everyday life and the sacred : re/configuring gender studies in religion /

: An interdisciplinary gender-sensitive approach toward perspectives on the everyday and the sacred are the hallmark of this volume. Looking beyond the dualistic status-quo, the authors probe the categories, textures, powers, and practices that define how we experience, embody, and understand religion and the sacred, their interconnection, but also disassociation with the secular. Contributions by an international group of feminist theologians and religious studies scholars aim to re-configure the study of both religion and gender: Angela Berlis, Anne-Marie Korte, Kune Biezeveld †, Helga Kuhlmann, Maaike de Haardt, Akke van der Kooi, Dorothea Erbele-Küster, Willien van Wieringen, Magda Misset-van de Weg, Gé Speelman, Mathilde van Dijk, Jacqueline Borsje, Hedwig Meyer-Wilmes, Goedroen Juchtmans, Alma Lanser and Riet Bons-Storm.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004353794 : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2018
The theology of John Duns Scotus /

: In this volume, Antonie Vos offers a comprehensive analysis of the philosophy and theological thought of John Duns Scotus. First, a summary is given of the life and times of John Duns Scotus: his background and years in Oxford (12-80-1301), his time in Paris and Cologne (1308-1309) and his year in exile in Oxford and Cambridge (1303-1304). From there on, Scotus' Trinitarian theology and Christology are introduced. Duns not only embraced the doctrine of the Trinity, he also proved that God must be Trinitarian by connecting the first Person with knowledge to the second One with will. Further insights of Scotus' are discussed, such as the theory of Creation, ethics, justification and predestination, and the sacraments. The volume concludes with an overview of historical dilemmas in Scotus' theological thought.
: 1 online resource (xii, 455 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004360235 : 1571-4799 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Apparaître : essai de philosophie phénoménologique /

: L'intentionnalité - cette singulière propriété qu'a l'esprit d'être dirigé vers le monde - est aujourd'hui un des problèmes les plus débattus dans le domaine de la philosophie de l'esprit. Dans Apparaître : Essai de philosophie phénoménologique , Denis Seron entend montrer que l'approche phénoménologique peut contribuer positivement à ce débat. Il propose de voir dans l'intentionnalité une notion fondamentalement phénoménologique et, en conséquence, de la définir en termes d'apparence. Il esquisse ensuite, sur cette base, une théorie de l'apparence, dont il suggère enfin qu'elle fournit un cadre approprié pour d'autres problèmes comme ceux de l'unité de la conscience, de l'inconscient, et cetera Intentionality - the mind's directedness towards the world - is currently one of the most debated issues in the area of the philosophy of mind. In Apparaître: Essai de philosophie phénoménologique , Denis Seron aims to show that the phenomenological approach can contribute positively to this debate. He proposes to understand the notion of intentionality as a basic phenomenological notion and thus to define it in terms of appearances. On the basis of this, he then sketches a theory of appearance which he suggests is best suited to address a range of other issues such as the unity of consciousness, the unconscious, et cetera.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004349285 : 1875-2470 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
Sola Scriptura : biblical and theological perspectives on scripture, authority, and hermeneutics /

: Sola Scriptura offers a multi-disciplinary reflection on the theme of the priority and importance of Scripture in theology, from historical, biblical-theological and systematic-theological perspectives, aiming at the interaction between exegesis and dogmatics. Brian Brock and Kevin J. Vanhoozer offer concluding reflections on the theme, bringing the various contributions together.
: 1 online resource (x, 372 pages) : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004356436 : 1571-4799 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.

Published 2017
David Jones : a Christian modernist? : new approaches to his art, poetry and cultural theory /

: David Jones: A Christian Modernist? is a major reassessment of the work of the poet, artist and essayist David Jones (1895-1974) in light of the complex, ambiguous idea of a 'Christian modernism'. His richly experimental and palimpsestic poetry, art and thought drew extensively on Christian tradition and symbolism as a key to the future: rejecting a technocratic and utilitarian modernity in favour of a revitalised culture of sign and sacrament. This volume examines historical influences on Jones's development, his impassioned engagement with the idea of modernity and with modernist literature and art, the theological sources and resonances of his work, and contemporary or late-modern perspectives on his achievement.
: 1 online resource. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9789004356993 : 1877-3192 ; : Available to subscribing member institutions only.