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Published 2014
Römisches Zaumzeug aus Pompeji, Herculaneum und Stabiae : Metallizäume, Trensen und Kandaren /

: Few regions possess so many and mainly complete Roman bridles as do the Vesuvian sites. Singular find conditions permit both comprehensive antiquarian-historian analyses of their production, functionality, and everyday use and new approaches to their typology and chronology. The 103 catalogued specimens belong to four types of bronze headstalls, namely metallic noseband, bitless metal bridle ('hackamore'), multipartite metallic bridle ('metallic halter'), and muzzle as well as two types of bits, namely snaffle bit with circular cheekpieces and curb bit. All of them occurred in more or less numerous variants of local or provincial origin. Special attention is paid to the reconstruction of application methods and combinations of types as well as the replica of a snaffle bit with circular cheekpieces.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : 9781784910358 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2019
Stone tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt : ground stone tools, rock-cut installations and stone vessels from the prehistory to late antiquity /

: This text focuses on ground stone tools, stone vessels, and devices carved into rock across the Near East and Egypt from prehistory to the later periods. The aim is to explore all aspects of these tools and stimulate a debate about new methodologies to approach this material.
: Previously issued in print: 2019. : 1 online resource (x, 360 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : 9781789690613 (ebook) :

Published 2017
Egypt 2015 : perspectives of research : proceedings of the Seventh European Conference of Egyptologists : 2nd-7th June 2015, Zagreb, Croatia /

: x, 358 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color), plans ; 29 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784915841

Published 2023
Australasian Egyptology Conference 4 : papers from the fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference, Monsh University, Melbourne, 16-18 September 2016 : dedicated to Gillian E. Bowen...

: This text presents papers from the fourth Australasian Egyptology Conference held at Monash University in 2016 and dedicated to Gillian E. Bowen, who retired from Monash that year. The contributions include several on Egypt's Western Desert where Monash has been engaged in fieldwork for many years in the the Dakhleh Oasis.
: Also issued in print: 2023.
Conference proceedings. : 1 online resource (xiv, 122 pages) : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781803274324 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2018
Hellenistic Alexandria : Celebrating 24 Centuries : papers presented at the conference held on December 13-15 2017 at Acropolis Museum, Athens /

: Hellenistic Alexandria: Celebrating 24 Centuries' presents the proceedings of a conference held at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, on December 13-15, 2017, and includes high-level dialogues and philosophical discussions between international experts on Hellenistic Alexandria. The goal was to celebrate the 24 centuries which have elapsed since its foundation and the beginning of the Library and the Museum of Alexandria. The conference was divided into two parts, to include in the first part archaeology, history, philosophy, literature, art, culture and legal issues and in the second part science, medicine, technology and environment. A total of 28 original and peer-reviewed articles point to the importance of the brilliantly-original ideas that emerged during the Hellenistic age and the curious modernity of the whole atmosphere of the time. The range of presented topics covers a variety of new data on the foundation of Alexandria to comparison between Ptolemaic Alexandria and Ptolemaic Greece through philosophy, culture and drama to the forgotten revolution of science, medicine and the prevailing climatological and geophysical conditions throughout the Hellenistic Period.
: xx, 296 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), maps (some color) ; 30 cm. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781789690668

Published 2014
Aoypmata : critical essays on the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in honour of E. Susan Sherratt /

: Over her career Susan Sherratt has questioned our basic assumptions in many areas of the later prehistory of the Mediterranean and Europe, deploying a canny eye for detail, but never losing sight of the big picture. Her collected works include contributions on the relationship between Homeric epic and archaeology; the economy of ceramics, metals and other materials; the status of the `Sea Peoples' and other ethnic terminologies; routes and different forms of interaction; and the history of museums/collecting (especially relating to Sir Arthur Evans). The editors of this volume have brought together a cast of 32 scholars from nine different countries who have contributed these 26 papers to mark Sue's 65th birthday.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : 9781784910198 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2014
Alexandria's hinterland : archaeology of the western Nile Delta, Egypt /

: This volume contains detailed information about 63 sites and shows, amongst other things, that the viticulture of the western delta was significant in Ptolemaic and Roman periods, as well as a network of interlocking sites, which connected with the rest of Egypt, Alexandria, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps. : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910150 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2014
Looted, recovered, returned : antiquities from Afghanistan : a detailed scientific and conservation record of a group of ivory and bone furniture overlays excavated at Begram, stol...

: The 'Begram ivories' are widely considered to be miniature masterpieces of Indian art and are one of the largest archaeological collections of ancient ivories. They were excavated at the site of Begram, in northern Afghanistan, in 1937 and 1939 and belong to a period when Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India were united under rulers of the Kushan dynasty. This book describes their story from excavation to display and return, with individual object biographies and detailed scientific analyses and conservation treatments. It also discusses how these objects have attracted very different interpretations over the decades since their discovery, and how the new analyses shed a completely fresh light on the collection.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910174 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2014
Spatial 'Christianisation' in context : strategic intramural building in Rome from the 4th-7th C. AD /

: This text closely examines the location of the earliest purpose-built Christian buildings inside the city of Rome in their contemporary context. It argues that some of these were deliberately sited by their builders so as to utilise prominent positions within the urban landscape or to pragmatically reuse pre-existing bath facilities for Christian liturgical practice.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910211 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
Material culture and cultural identity : a study of Greek and Roman coins from Dora /

: The ancient harbour town of Dor/Dora in modern Israel has a history that spanned from the Bronze Age until the Late Roman Era. The story of its peoples can be assembled from a variety of historical and archaeological sources derived from the nearly thirty years of research at Tel Dor - the archaeological site of the ancient city. Each primary source offers a certain kind of information with its own perspective. In the attempt to understand the city during its Graeco-Roman years - a time when Dora reached its largest physical extent and gained enough importance to mint its own coins, numismatic sources provide key information. With their politically, socio-culturally and territorially specific iconography, Dora's coins indeed reveal that the city was self-aware of itself as a continuous culture, beginning with its Phoenician origins and continuing into its Roman present.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910938 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
LBK realpolitik : an archaeometric study of conflict and social structure in the Belgian early Neolithic /

: The causes and consequences of violence and warfare have long interested social scientists, historians, and philosophers. While economic motivations for conflict are among the most commonly discussed drivers of human violence, prehistorians have often downplayed economic factors when studying non-state society. This volume explores linkages between conflict and socioeconomic organization during the early Neolithic of eastern Belgium (c.5200-5000 BC), using compositional analysis of ceramics from Linienbandkeramik villages to assess production organization and map intercommunity connections against the backdrop of increasing evidence for conflict.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910891 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2014
A history of research into ancient Egyptian culture conducted in southeast Europe /

: The history of Ancient Egypt has been studied in the region of Southeast Europe since the end of the 19th century. In some of the countries this was not the case for various reasons, but mainly because of the undeveloped scholarly capabilities and institutions, insufficient funds for archaeological research in Egypt, and the lack of cooperation with scholars from other countries. From the 1960s, however, this situation has changed for the better. This book comprises a selection of papers in which scholars from various institutions of the region reviewed the different aspects of past studies and the development of the research of the Ancient Egypt in some countries, along with recent research in the field.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910914 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
The traditio legis : anatomy of an image /

: The bearded and mature figure of Christ stands majestically raising his right hand, open palm facing the viewer. In his left he holds an unfurled scroll. Saints Peter and Paul appear on either side, Peter approaching to catch or protect the dangling bookroll. This image, the so-called traditio legis, first appeared in late fourthcentury Rome in a variety of media, from the monumental to the miniature, including mosaic, catacomb painting, gold-glass and, the most numerous group, marble relief carving on sarcophagi. This monograph engages in a close reading of the traditio legis, highlighting its novelty and complexity to early Christian viewers.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9781784910822 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
Die Anfänge des kontinentalen Transportwesens und seine Auswirkungen auf die Bolerázer und Badener Kulturen /

: The investigation of the Roman villa and its economic structures in the western provinces of the Roman Empire has clearly shown that rural settlement developed at different paces and intensities that largely depended on the specific region in which a villa landscape was intended and created. The progress of Romanisation was strongly linked to the existence of pre- Roman infrastructure in a given region. This existing infrastructure was at first acquired and successively intensified by the Romans. In its sum, the Roman villa economy was a complex and dynamic system that in its configuration vastly differed, according to the specific province. Still, the system essentially served clear functional purposes such as self-subsistence and, ideally, surplus production for the supply of the Roman military in newly conquered provinces.
: Previously issued in print: 2015. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784910839 (ebook) :

Published 2015
The enigmatic world of ancient graffiti : rock art in Chukotka : the Chaunskaya Region, Russia /

: This monograph is devoted to small forms of engraving on stone. It summarizes the archaeological material obtained during the course of excavations at the Rauchuvagytgyn I site (dated to 2500 years ago) in northern Chukotka. The book analyzes the content and semantics of the pictorial resources, and ethnic identification is made.
: Translated from the Russian. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784911898 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
The Danubian lands between the Black, Aegean and Adriatic Seas : (7th century BC-10th century AD) /

: The themes of this volume are concerned with archaeological, historical, linguistic, anthropological, geographical and other investigations across the vast area (and different regions) through which the Argonauts travelled in seeking to return from Colchis: from the eastern shore of the Black Sea and the mouth of the Danube to the Adriatic. The contributions investigate an extended time period, from Greek colonisation to the end of Antiquity, and different cultural influences involving peoples and states, Greek cities, native peoples, Roman rule and events in Late Roman times. Each particular study contributes to the ground research, helping to create a complete picture of the theoretical level of cultural and political development and interaction of different cultures.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white). : Specialized. : 9781784911935 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2015
Glass beads from early medieval Ireland : classification, dating, social performance /

: This is a comprehensive study of glass beads from early medieval Ireland, presenting the national classification, typology, dating, symbology and social performance of glass beads.
: 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784911973 (PDF ebook) :

Published 2016
CAA2015 : keep the revolution going : proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology.

: This volume brings together all the successful peer-reviewed papers submitted for the proceedings of the 43rd conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology that took place in Siena (Italy) from March 31st to April 2nd 2015.
: Selected conference papers.
Previously issued in print: 2016. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour), maps (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784913380 (ebook) :

Published 2016
Stone carving of the Hospitaller period in Rhodes : displaced pieces and fragments /

: This work presents 230 stone carvings of the Hospitaller period in Rhodes (1309-1522), which for various reasons are no longer in their original setting.
: Previously issued in print:. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white, and colour). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references and index. : 9781784914790 (ebook) :

Published 2017
Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement along the Empingham to Hannington pipeline in Northamptonshire and Rutland /

: This volume brings together reports on excavations by Northamtonshire Archaeology (now MOLA) in the south-east Midlands region. 19 sites were investigated, dating primarily to the Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods.
: Previously issued in print: 2017. : 1 online resource : illustrations (black and white), maps (black and white). : Specialized. : Includes bibliographical references. : 9781784915353 (ebook) :