Henri Pirenne

Portrait of Pirenne, {{circa}} 1910 Henri Pirenne (; 23 December 1862 – 24 October 1935) was a Belgian historian. A medievalist of Walloon descent, he wrote a multivolume history of Belgium in French and became a prominent public intellectual. Pirenne made a lasting contribution to the study of cities that was a controversial interpretation of the end of Roman civilization and the rebirth of medieval urban culture. He also became prominent in the nonviolent resistance to the Germans who occupied Belgium in World War I.

Henri Pirenne's reputation today rests on three contributions to European history: for what has become known as the Pirenne Thesis, concerning origins of the Middle Ages in reactive state formation and shifts in trade; for a distinctive view of Belgium's medieval history; and for his model of the development of the medieval city.

Pirenne argued that profound social, economic, cultural, and religious movements in the long term resulted from equally profound underlying causes, and this attitude influenced Marc Bloch and the outlook of the French Annales School of social history. Though Pirenne had his opponents, notably Alfons Dopsch who disagreed on essential points, several recent historians of the Middle Ages have taken Pirenne's main theses, however much they are modified, as starting points. Provided by Wikipedia
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Medieval cities ; their origins and the revival of trade /

: Translation of : Les villes du Moyen Age. : 185 pages ; 18 cm.

La fin du moyen age ... /

: "On doit á m. Pirenne le tableau politique et économique de l'Europe á la fin du XIIIe siécle (livre I, chap. I, 1 et 2), le chapitre IX du livr I, sur l'histoire économique et sociale, et le chapitre VII du livre II, sur l'état bourguignon.--Tout ce qui concerne l'histoire relgieuse, intellectuelle et artistique est de m. Renaudet, sauf le chapitre II du livre I et quelques parties des chapitres III du livre I et du livre II, auxqueles m. Perroy a collaboré.--M. Handelsman a fourni la substance des chapitres VIII du livre I et v du livre II.--M. Perroy a préparé du reste du volume une rédaction qui a été remaniée et complétée par M. Halphen." : volume 2 ; 23 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

La fin du moyen age /

: 2 volumes ; 23 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Economic and social history of medieval Europe /

: "First American edition."
"Translated from the French by I. E. Clegg."
"First appeared in Histoire du moyen âge, by Henri Pirenne, Gustave Cohen, and Henri Focillon." : xii, 243 pages ; 19 cm. : bibliography : pages 225-227.

Mohammed and Charlemagne /

: 293 pages ; 22 cm. : Includes bibliographical references

Early democracies in the Low Countries : urban society and political conflict in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance /

: Translation of : Anciennes démocraties des Pays-Bas. : xxviii, 250 pages ; 21 cm. : Includes bibliographical references.

Mohammed and Charlemagne /

: Translation of : Mahomet et Charlemagne. : 293 pages ; 22 cm. : Includes bibliographical references and index.

Published 1958
A history of Europe /

: 2 v. ; 18 cm.

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