Lord and Pharaoh : Carnarvon and the search for Tutankhamun /

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Main Author: Fagan, Brian M. (Author)

Format: Book

Language: English

Published: Walnut Creek, CA : Left Coast Press, Inc., 2015.


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Call Number: DT87.5 .F34 2015

Table of Contents:
  • •Preface •1. A Valley of Pharaohs •The Valley of the Gate of the Kings •Belzoni's Tomb •Decipherment and Afterward •Cache of Pharaohs •2. Discoveries of a Self-Made Man •A Self-Made Man •Tuthmosis and Hatshepsut •Yuya and Tuya •Queen Tiye •"I Fear That the Valley of the Kings Is Now Exhausted" •3. Effective for the Aten •The Unique One of Re •Tutankhaten Is Born •An Orchestrated Childhood •Aten's City •The Lord of Appearances •4. A Gambler with Enthusiasms •An Aristocrat Is Born •Porchy Becomes the Earl •Encounters with Egyptology •Seeking a Concession •5. Tutankhamun the Justified •Life! Prosperity! Health! •He Who Appears on His Team of Horses •Diplomacy •Formality and Routine •Ay, God's Father •Tutankhaten Becomes Pharaoh •She Who Lives through the Aten •6. "The Records of the Past Are Not Ours to Play With" •Weigall and Carnarvon •The Theban Necropolis •Traveling to Luxor •Digging Begins •The Carnarvon Tablet •7. Restorer of Amun •The Rise of Horemheb •Restoration and Retaliation •The Living Representative of the God •Checking the Hittites •The Pharaoh Rebels? •A Pawn in a Larger Game •8. The Search Narrows •A Partnership Is Born •An Automobile Accident •Five Years' Exploration and a Castle •Waiting on the Valley •Work in the Valley Begins •9. Death of a Pharaoh •The Matter of a Tomb •TutankhamunÆs Funeral •Ankhesenamun Seeks a New Husband •Ay Becomes Pharaoh •The Pharaoh Horemheb •10. "I Have Got Tutankhamun!" •November 24, 1922 •The Doorway Revealed •November 25, 1922 •"Wonderful Things" •November 26, 1922 •November 27-28, 1922 •11. Aftermath •Assembling a Team •"The Times Is after All the Best Newspaper in the World" •Opening the Burial Chamber •A Fatal Bite •Controversy and Final Clearance •Egyptology since Tutankhamun •Two Men of Entitlement •12. "Let Me Tell You a Tale": A Chapter for Archaeologists •Translating the Past for All of Us •Developing the Idea amid a Saga of Sources •Themes and Outline •The Issue of Genre •Assembling the Jigsaw •Appendix A. A Chronological Framework of Ancient Egypt •Appendix B. A Short Guide to the Pharaohs of the XVIII to the XX Dynasties Mentioned in the Narrative •Further Reading •Notes •Index •About the Author