Offerings to the discerning eye : an Egyptological medley in honor of Jack A. Josephson /

Egyptologist Jack A. Josephson, a writer and researcher in the tradition of the "gentleman scholar," has achieved broad recognition as an authority in Egyptian art history. His lucid investigative analyses have probed and redefined the limits of inquiry, expanded research parameters, and b...

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Other Authors: D'Auria, Sue., Josephson, Jack A.

Format: eBook

Language: English

Published: Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2010.

Series: Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 38.
Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity E-Books Online, Collection 2010, ISBN: 9789004222731.


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Call Number: DT60 .O58 2010

Table of Contents:
  • Preliminary Material /
  • S. D'Auria
  • The Shunet El-Zebib At Abydos: Architectural Conservation At One Of Egypt's Oldest Preserved Royal Monuments /
  • Matthew Douglas Adams and David O'Connor
  • Earthquakes In Egypt In The Pharaonic Period: The Evidence At Dahshur In The Late Middle Kingdom /
  • Dieter Arnold
  • Foreign And Female /
  • Dorothea Arnold
  • Recent Excavations At The Ancient Harbor Of Saww (Mersa/Wadi Gawasis) On The Red Sea /
  • Kathryn A. Bard and Rodolfo Fattovich
  • Reused Or Restored? The Wooden Shabti Of Amenemhat In The Brooklyn Museum /
  • Edward Bleiberg
  • Persians And Egyptians: Cooperation In Vandalism? /
  • Andrey Bolshakov
  • The Great Pyramid: The Internal Ramp Theory /
  • Bob Brier
  • Amenhotep III's Legacy In The Temple Of Mut /
  • Betsy M. Bryan
  • Eine Statue Des Königs Dewen Aus Abydos? /
  • Günter Dreyer
  • Die Leeren Kartuschen Von Akhenaten /
  • Mamdouh Eldamaty
  • Aspects Of The Mut Temple's Contra-Temple At South Karnak, Part II /
  • Richard Fazzini
  • A God's Head In Heidelberg /
  • Erica Feucht
  • Reconstructing A Statue From A Head /
  • Rita E. Freed
  • The Stela Of Djehutynefer, Called Seshu /
  • G.A. Gaballa
  • Observations On Copying And The Hieroglyphic Tradition In The Production Of The Book Of The Dead /
  • Ogden Goelet, Jr.
  • A Group Of Art Works In The Amarna Style /
  • Tom Hardwick
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Ancient Egypt /
  • W. Benson Harer, Jr.
  • The Tomb Of A Hety-', Theban Tomb 116 /
  • Melinda Hartwig
  • A Head Of Rameses II From Tell Basta /
  • Zahi Hawass
  • A Pasha's Pleasures: R.G. Gayer-Anderson And His Pharaonic Collection In Cairo /
  • Salima Ikram
  • Merenptah's Confrontations In The Western Desert And The Delta /
  • Sameh Iskander
  • A Contemplation Of The Late Period /
  • T.G.H. James
  • \'He Is The Son Of A Woman Of Ta-Sety . . .\' The Offering Table Of The King's Mother Nefret (MMA 22.1.21) /
  • Peter Janosi
  • Theban Tomb 46 And Its Owner, Ramose /
  • Nozomu Kawai
  • A Unique Sphinx Of Amenhotep II /
  • Peter Lacovara
  • Rameses Recrowned: The International Campaign To Preserve The Monuments Of Nubia, 1959-68 /
  • Sarwat Okasha
  • Some Thoughts on Υδωρ of Thales and Απειρον of Anaximander /
  • Paul F. O'Rourke
  • Mapping The Temple Of The Goddess Mut, Karnak: A Basis For Further Exploration /
  • William H. Peck
  • The Dog Of Karakhamun /
  • Elena Pischikova
  • The Second Pylon Of The Temple Of Ba-Neb-Djed At Mendes /
  • Donald B. Redford
  • Four Late Period Sculptures In The San Antonio Museum Of Art /
  • Gerry D. Scott, III
  • News From Kom El-Hettan In The Season Of Spring 2007 /
  • Hourig Sourouzian
  • The Prince Kawab, Oldest Son Of Khufu /
  • Rainer Stadelmann
  • New Perspectives On The Brooklyn Black Head /
  • Paul Edmund Stanwick
  • A \'Realistic\' Head In The Oriental Institute Museum (OIM 13952) /
  • Emily Teeter
  • Transformation Of A Royal Head: Notes On A Portrait Of Nectanebo I /
  • Nancy Thomas
  • A Cat, A Nurse, And A Standard-Bearer: Notes On Three Late Eighteenth Dynasty Statues /
  • Jacobus Van Dijk
  • The Theban Mapping Project's Online Image Database Of The Valley Of The Kings /
  • Kent R. Weeks
  • The Tomb Of Iahmes, Son Of Psamtikseneb, At Saqqara /
  • Christiane Ziegler
  • The \'Saga\' Of 'Aper-El's Funerary Treasure /
  • Alain Zivie
  • Index /
  • S. D'Auria.