Ancient West & East : Volume 1, No. 2 /

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Other Authors: Tsetskhladze, G.R. (Editor)

Format: eBook

Language: English

Published: Leiden; Boston : BRILL, 2002.

Series: Brill Book Archive Part 1, ISBN: 9789004472495.
Ancient West & East ; 1/2.


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Call Number: CB311

Table of Contents:
  • Volume I, No 2
  • Articles
  • S. Dönmez , The 2nd Millennium BC Settlements in Samsun and Amasya Provinces, Central Black Sea Region, Turkey, H. Pamir and S. Nishiyama , The Orontes Delta Survey: Archaeological Investigation of Ancient Trade Stations/Settlements, J. Boardman , Al Mina: The Study of a Site, J. Davis-Kimball , Statuses of Eastern Early Iron Age Nomads, M. Treister , Jewellery and Related Finds from a Rich 1st Century AD Sarmatian Burial from the Crimea, M. Kazanski , Les antiquités germaniques de l'époque romaine tardive en Crimée dans la région de la Mer d'Azov
  • Notes
  • J.G. de Boer , A Bronze Age "Metal-Road" to Eastern Thrace? , I. Demetradze , The Bronze Finger-Rings from Atskuri (Georgia)
  • Book Reviews
  • G.R. Tsetskhladze , West and East: A Review Article (2), S.L. Solovyov , New Publications on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Cimmerian Bosporus, P.M. Barford , The Early Slavs (P. Dolukhanov), P. Bienkowski and A. Millard , British Museum Dictionary of the Ancient Near East (C. Burney), E. Bispham and C. Smith (eds.) , Religion in Archaic and Republican Rome and Italy (E. Fantham), J. Boardman , Cyprus between East and West (V.A. Tatton-Brown), R. Brock and S. Hodkinson (eds.) , Alternatives to Athens (R. Osborne), M. Brunet (ed.) , Territoires des cités grecques (A. Moreno), B. Cohen (ed.) , Not the Classical Ideal ( J. Boardman), A. Fantalkin , Mezad Hashavyahu ( J. Boardman), G.A. Fedorov-Davydov , The Silk Road and the Cities of the Golden Horde ( J. Hargrave), O. Lordkipanidze , Phasis ( J. Hind), I. Malkin (ed.) , Ancient Perceptions of Greek Ethnicity (A.M. Snodgrass), A.A. Maslennikov , Οι αρχαίοι έλληυες στο ορειο Εύζειυο Πουτο (S.L. Solovyov), I. Morris , Archaeology as Cultural History ( J. Boardman), A. Ramage and P. Craddock , King Croesus' Gold (M. Treister), W. Scheidel and S. von Reden (eds.) , The Ancient Economy (R. Osborne), H. Thrane , Excavations at Tepe Guran in Luristan.